Descent of a Serial Killer Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Chester Turner

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Chester Turner violently assaulted and murdered several marginalised women. This meant his killing spree went undetected for a long time.


Episode 2 - Michael Gargiulo

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Michael Gargiulo was dubbed the "Hollywood Ripper" as well as the "Chiller Killer" for the series of brutal murders he carried out.


Episode 3 - Lonnie Franklin

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Cary Stayner is a serial killer who was convicted of the murders of four women in 1999. Stayner was sentenced to death for the four murders.


Episode 4 - Randy Kraft

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Randy Kraft, known as the Scorecard Killer, the Southern California Strangler & the Freeway Killer murdered sixteen men between 1972 & 1983.


Episode 5 - Cary Styner

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. The killer, dubbed the "Southside Slayer," was believed to be responsible for stabbing and strangling at least 13 sex workers between 1983 and late 1985.



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