Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Episode 1

When recently-widowed Vivien announces her love for a new man, Mark, it throws her family of adult children into chaos. The siblings' growing suspicions about Mark are fuelled by rising tensions in their own lives: Helen's focus on her high-powered job has led to a deep rift in her marriage, Jake's gambling debts have caused his wife and kids to leave him, and Natalie is lying to everybody about her secret relationship. Meanwhile, Vivien's overly attentive neighbour, Mary, is simply trying to protect the family she has known for years. But in a few short weeks one of these people will be lying on the beach, terribly injured - perhaps dead. The question is, who?


Episode 2 - Episode 2

Helen, Jake and Natalie are shocked when they discover Vivien plans to sell their childhood home and go travelling with Mark. Meanwhile, each of the siblings' personal problems are growing: Helen's actions at work have severe repercussions in her marriage, Jake is stunned to hear that Leila might be moving on from him, and Natalie's affair starts to threaten her physical safety. To make matters worse, Vivien and Mark make a snap decision on holiday that almost breaks neighbour Mary's heart.


Episode 3 - Episode 3

Vivien and Mark plan their trip to India, but the children's ongoing distrust of Mark starts to put a strain on the couple's relationship - despite neighbour Mary's attempts at reassurance. Meanwhile, the siblings' private lives are unravelling: Helen's husband and daughter have both walked out on her; Natalie is close to a breakdown over her situation with Tony; and Jake increasingly relies on Stella for advice on getting back together with Leila. But they drop everything when Jake unearths a darkly disturbing secret about Mark's past, which makes them fear for their mother's life.