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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 -

Laura Whitmore welcomes this year's line-up of sexy singles to the Love Island villa. Iain Stirling narrates as the class of 2021 settle in.


Episode 2 -

After receiving a voice note from new girl Chloe, the boys decide they all want to go on the date. Kaz later gets a text and the Islanders are set their first challenge, horny devils! But when it's time for Chloe to couple up, who will she choose!


Episode 3 -

There are plenty more surprises in store for the class of 2021. But one thing they know for sure is that in the villa not everything is quite what it seems.


Episode 4 -

Things are hotting up as Love Island continues. The girls receive a text and it's time for Faye and Sharon to go on a date with two new Love Islanders!


Episode 5 -

After a scorching first week in the Love Island villa, the Islanders have already discovered that the journey to true love is never easy. Tonight the pressure is on, as we see Liam and Chuggs grafting with the girls as a re-coupling looms.


Episode 6 - Unseen Bits 1

Love island: Unseen Bits is back with another jam-packed hour full of exclusives from TV's most talked about villa. Join Iain Stirling as he shows you the Islanders as you've never seen them before.


Episode 7 -

After the re-coupling a new Islander arrives in the villa, Rachel now has 24 hours to decide who she would like to couple up with, Brad or Chuggs!


Episode 8 -

Another Islander leaves the villa and Toby tells Kaz he has been holding back. A couple is picked to stay in the hideaway for the first time and Sharon and Aaron share a kiss!


Episode 9 -

Our gorgeous singles came looking for romance and fun in the sun - and nobody wants to be dumped from the Island. Liberty gets a text telling them they have to play today’s couples challenge and Hugo lands himself in hot water with the girls.


Episode 10 -

The temperature's rising as Love Island continues, but there are plenty more surprises in store. As ever, nothing is quite what it seems in paradise. The girls arrive back from brunch to find two new girls in the villa!


Episode 11 -

Our gorgeous singles are having the time of their lives, but who will be coupling up and who's in danger of getting dumped? Brad tells Lucinda he would like to get to know her and Kaz is thrown when Chloe Kisses Toby.


Episode 12 -

It's the end of week two on Love Island and our sexy singles are having the time of their lives. Toby tells Kaz that he has kissed Chloe and Liam tells Faye he would like to get know Millie more...


Episode 13 - Unseen Bits 2

Join Iain Stirling on Love Island: Unseen Bits as he brings you another week of juicy exclusive and hilarious unaired moments from the Villa.


Episode 14 -

With a huge prize awaiting our winning couple, can anyone be trusted? Will anybody find true love? And how far will they go to keep their place in the villa? Four girls are picked to go speed dating with new boy Teddy!


Episode 15 -

The Islanders are soaking up the sunshine. It just doesn't get better than this, but behind the flirting and romance, who's for real and who's just playing the game? Tonight, as the recoupling looms, the pressure builds.


Episode 16 -

It's been another jam-packed day in paradise and the Islanders learn quickly that the path to finding true love isn't a smooth one. Brad and Lucinda go on a date and later it's time for another recoupling, with a twist...


Episode 17 -

Our Islanders are making the most of their unforgettable summer in paradise. But while the sun keeps on shining, the twists and turns just keep on coming...The least compatible couple must now decide who should leave the villa...


Episode 18 -

The Islanders are enjoying the summer of a lifetime, but they all know there are plenty more surprises in store for them. New islander AJ arrives and starts getting to know the boys. Later Kaz receives a text and gets to on a date with new boy Danny!


Episode 19 -

It's been a busy third week in the villa and there are plenty more surprises in store for the Islanders. New boy Danny has arrived and is ready to spice things up in the villa.


Episode 20 - Unseen Bits 3

Join Iain Stirling On Love Island: Unseen Bits as he brings you all the best unaired moments from the villa over the past week.


Episode 21 -

As the Islanders continue to enjoy a summer like no other, tonight there are plenty more surprises in store and the competition is on. Aaron lands himself in hot water with Danny after he tries to kiss Lucinda in front of him after the recoupling.


Episode 22 -

The surprises come thick and fast. Whilst the drama unfolds, everyone is eager to find out who is really looking for love and who is playing the game. A challenge raises the temperature when the islanders play a game of Snog, Marry or Pie.


Episode 23 -

As the Islanders get their flirt on, they're all enjoying a summer that none of them will ever forget. Tensions rise as Toby and Kaz argue on how he handled their situation...Kaz thinks he is disrespectful and Toby says he has no regrets.


Episode 24 -

The Islanders are enjoying a once in a lifetime summer in their very own sun-kissed paradise. Whatever happens, one thing's for sure - you never know what's coming next. The saved islanders must decide who is going home...


Episode 25 -

The Islanders are experiencing a summer they'll never forget but the question remains... who is looking for love and who's playing a game? As Toby gets to know new love islander Abigail, Chloe is less than impressed and feels disrespected...


Episode 26 -

As our Islanders enjoy life in the luxury villa, everyone's eager to find out who will be coupling up with who and who's in danger of getting dumped? Everyone in the villa is left shocked after the recoupling and Hugo's speech...


Episode 27 - Unseen Bits 4

Join Iain Stirling as he brings you all the best exclusives from another action-packed week in Majorca.


Episode 28 -

It's a new week in the Love Island villa. The Islanders have been tested and it looks like there's no let up as the drama continues in paradise. Toby and Hugo's friendship is still on the rocks...and another couple leaves the villa.


Episode 29 -

The singles are bracing themselves for yet more surprises that are guaranteed to keep them on their toes. With the cash prize moving ever closer, who will get to stay in paradise? New boys, new girls and the return of Casa Amor!


Episode 30 -

It's another night of action from the Love Island villa. With a massive cash prize up for grabs, the question remains; who is here for love and who is here for money? Liam feels he is being tested as Lillie makes her feelings known to him.


Episode 31 -

It's midweek for our Islanders and finding love in paradise is still proving tricky for some with no-one knowing what's coming around the corner! A postcard arrives from Casa Amor and the girls are not happy.


Episode 32 -

There are more twists and turns in paradise as our Islanders get to know each other and work out who is here for love and who is just after the big cash prize. After the post card stirred things up in the villa Kaz decides to make a move on Matthew.


Episode 33 -

As another week of trials and tribulations are drawing to a close for Islanders, the question on everyone's lips is, who is here for love and who is here for money? There is happiness and tears in the villa as the recoupling continues.


Episode 34 - Unseen Bits 5

Another installment of all the best unaired funnies and exclusive content from the villa. Join Iain Stirling as he brings you all the Unseen Bits from Mallorca.


Episode 35 -

With the finish line inching ever closer, and a huge cash prize at stake, our boys and girls are desperate to make it all the way. It's time for Millie to speak to Lillie and discuss what really happened in Casa Amor.


Episode 36 -

As week six continues the Islanders are more determined than ever to make it all the way to the final. The temperature keeps on rising. Toby tells Jake and Tyler that his head is with Chloe.


Episode 37 -

Clarrisse struggles with her feelings for Tyler as she doesn't know where she stands and Toby wants to know where Chloe's heads at.


Episode 38 -

The twists and turns keep coming in the Love Island villa. Mary is upset that Abigail picked Dale and Clarisse tells Tyler she feels like she's his second option.


Episode 39 -

It's almost the end of another week on Love Island and in the nation's favourite villa the temperature is rising once more. It's time for movie night in the Love Island villa, but not all is what it seems...


Episode 40 -

Another week is over in the Love Island villa and as our couples enjoy their time in paradise and get closer to the final, nobody at this stage wants to get dumped from the villa. As movie night continues Teddy and Faye come to blows.


Episode 41 - Unseen Bits 6

Join Iain Stirling as he brings us another week of hilarious unseen footage from the world's most talked-about villa.


Episode 42 -

Paradise continues in Love Island as the summer of a lifetime goes on. Who's there for love and who is just playing a game? Teddy and Faye are still on the rocks and there's a surprise visit from Laura!


Episode 43 -

The Islanders face more twists and turns as they try to make it all the way to the final day. With a huge prize for the winning couple, no one wants to be dumped. As two islanders leave two new love islanders arrive!


Episode 44 -

The temperature continues to rise on Love Island. Which couple is going to be leaving with the huge cash prize? As the islanders arrive back from the challenge a new boy has arrived in the villa!


Episode 45 -

The excitement is building on Love Island and in the villa our Islanders are desperate to stay in paradise. Who has fallen head over heels, and who is playing games? The islanders are surprised to find new boy Brett in the villa garden.


Episode 46 -

Our boys and girls try to avoid elimination. The days are ticking by, but who is really in love and who is just trying to get their hands on the prize? It's time for the girls and boys to get each others hearts racing in todays challenge.


Episode 47 -

The drama keeps unfolding in paradise. Nobody wants to leave the Villa at this stage - but who's going to be going home next? After the islanders take part in a challenge Liberty questions her relationship with Jake.


Episode 48 - Unseen Bits 7

It's time for another trip to Mallorca for all the best Unseen Bits from this week. Join Iain Stirling as he brings you all the exclusive content and unaired funnies.


Episode 49 -

The Islanders are making the most of a truly unforgettable summer in paradise. Tonight there are plenty more twists and turns as the end is in sight. Jake tells Liberty he loves her, but the girls are not convinced...


Episode 50 -

After an unforgettable eight weeks on Love Island the finish line is well and truly in sight, and the Islanders are all desperate to stay in the game. The boys let Brett know that he has given Priya the ick!


Episode 51 -

The clock is ticking for our couples. The heat is on and no one wants to be dumped from the Island at this stage as the finish line gets closer. Faye is left fuming when she discovers who has voted her and Teddy least compatible.


Episode 52 -

As the contest for the prize builds to a climax there's one question on everyone's minds - who will be crowned winners of Love Island? Tonight, the babies are back, and one more couple must leave the villa.


Episode 53 -

An incredible summer of love will soon draw to a close, and none of the Islanders want to leave paradise. But which couple will have the chance to win the prize? Liberty tells Jake she doesn't feel things between them are going well.


Episode 54 -

Love is in the air as our Islanders spend their last few days in the Love Island villa. With the final looming, none of our Islanders want to be dumped now. The islanders are left shocked after Liberty and Jake make a difficult decision.


Episode 55 - Unseen Bits 8

It’s one last time to see the unseen bits of the week. There's still plenty of hilarious unaired content and juicy exclusives from the villa yet.


Episode 56 -

It's the eve of the live final and the temperature is soaring in the nation's most talked-about villa. Who will be going home with the money?


Episode 57 -

It's the live finale of Love Island 2021. Laura Whitmore hosts the finalists, and it's up to the viewers to decide who should get their hands on the big cash prize.


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