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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Girl in the Twin Towers

Lupin abducts a girl who is a cyberspace genius to perform an online theft.


Episode 2 - The Lupin Game

Hunt down the greatest thief of our times, Lupin III!


Episode 3 - The Killers Gather in the Wasteland

Shinpei Mayama, the Rat Clan, Union Mama... the all-stars of assassination, from all over the world, suddenly come after Lupin.


Episode 4 - Zenigata Stands Tall and the Desert Sands Fall

Fujiko smiles deviously as she points her gun at Lupin, when Zenigata arrives to save him and Ami.


Episode 5 - A Crook's Resolve

Lupin is shot in the head by a drone fighter. With the death of its target, the Lupin Game is concluded.


Episode 6 - Lupin vs. the Smart Safe

The "Smart Safe" has come to the Greater Tokyo Bank. It's a safe that analyzes the "brain power" of anyone that tries to open it.


Episode 7 - His Name is Albert

Gaston was once known as a master forger in the underworld. After putting Picasso's signature on a painting by his grandchild, it's bought by the millionaire Mr. B.


Episode 8 - Who Has the Black Notebook?

Lupin visits Gaston's grave. There he meets the elderly Camille, who he goes out for a drink with when the pub's phone begins to ring.


Episode 9 - The Man Who Abandoned "Lupin"

Lupin is shot, and Albert has the notebook. But then he's shot too, and loses the notebook to Jose.


Episode 10 - Thief and Thief

As Albert decides that "France is my prey," Lupin confronts him.


Episode 11 - Get Pablo's Collection

Lupin's gang is enjoying a peaceful New Years when he discovers a medal that brings back old memories, and starts reminiscing about past adventures.


Episode 12 - The Extravagance of Ishikawa Goemon the Thirteenth

Within the town celebrating a pop cultural event is Goemon.


Episode 13 - The Bow, The Princess, and the Terrorist

The boarding school, Annecy School for Girls. Having enrolled there, Ami encounters a strange girl in the garden who aims her bow at a crow.


Episode 14 - How to Steal a Kingdom

Princess Dolma, please save Padar. With that request, Dolma is taken home.


Episode 15 - Her Relationship with Lupin

Lupin is pierced by Dolma's arrow. Ami and Fujiko take Lupin and escape, hiding in a deserted building.


Episode 16 - Let's Talk About First Loves

Padar sinks into chaos because of the civil war, but things take a sudden turn when the Shake Hands company gets involved.


Episode 17 - Introducing Detective Jim Barnett the Third

Three years ago, someone shot Count Maupassant to death.


Episode 18 - Fujiko's Gift

Shortly after moving into the hideout in Riquewihr, Lupin wakes up to a broken bathroom. Fujiko appears, and she seems to know what's blocking the plumbing.


Episode 19 - A 7.62mm Mirage

A string of indiscriminate shootings has struck Northern Africa. They're actually a challenge to Lupin from the wealthy Zylberstein.


Episode 20 - Zenigata, Gentleman Thief

Lupin's gang visits the northern Angel, on the outskirts of Russia. What at first seems like a snowy, dull town turns out to be full of riches to the joy of the group of thieves.


Episode 21 - An Outdated Master Thief

Peoplelog--a social media service that uses AI to analyze the incredible amount of data on the internet, allowing you to learn all about a person.


Episode 22 - Answer Me, Zantetsuken

Fujiko has been captured. She's being held at Orig Island, the headquarters of Shake Hands.


Episode 23 - Just Then, An Old Buddy Said Something

Papa! Save Lupin! Ami is reunited with her long last father. But Enzo is already obsessed with using Peoplelog to save the world.


Episode 24 - Viva Lupin the Third

Lupin III has vanished from the internet. Meanwhile, the man himself is updating Peoplelog with confidential information that begins to throw the world into chaos.



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