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Episode 1 - Enter Sherlock Holmes

Albert d'Andrésy, disguised as Lord Faulkner, steals a movie poster from Faulkner's collection, but he is apprehended by Inspector Lestrade, assisted by Sherlock Holmes.


Episode 2 - Detective and Crook

Lily faints after seeing Lupin, while he and Fujiko escape Zenigata. Holmes vows to catch Lupin and tells Lestrade how Lupin was involved in the death of John H. Watson.


Episode 3 - Adventure Along the (Bogus) Transcontinental Railroad

In England, Lord Marquess hosts a party for railway enthusiasts on his vast estate which includes a replica railroad


Episode 4 - The Killers in the Diner

Disguised as well-dressed hitmen, Lupin and Jigen enter a bar where eight other assassins are there waiting.


Episode 5 - The Imperial City Dreams of Thieves, Part 1

Lupin is caught in a flash of blinding light and finds himself in Showa era Japan circa 1930.


Episode 6 - The Imperial City Dreams of Thieves, Part 2

In the Shigetomi department store circa 1930, Goemon slashes wildly at Lupin who manages to escape while remarking that his sword is not Zantetsuken.


Episode 7 - An Untold Tale

While Albert d'Andrésy is questioning an informant about an assassin targeting Holmes, the informant is shot dead by the sniper.


Episode 8 - Last Bullet

Jigen is involved in a shootout with an old nemesis, ex-CIA hitman Brad Roark.


Episode 9 - The Jet-Black Diamond

The specialist treasure hunter calling herself Cherry lures Lupin to an "underground" auction of some treasure of the great pirate Zeke Barbatos.


Episode 10 - Darwin's Bird

Fujiko checks out the fossil of an archaeopteryx on display in the British Natural History Museum.


Episode 11 - The Truth and the Raven

While walking home from a pub, Alex Jenkinson, a landshark who used aggressive tactics to acquire local property, is shot dead by someone he suspects is a Raven assassin.


Episode 12 - The Ghosts of Britain

Lupin, Holmes, Lily, and Zenigata survive the explosion, realizing the Black Drawing Room was a booby trap.


Episode 13 - An Invitation From the Past

Lupin has set up his quarters in New York, but suffers from boredom until Fujiko tells him about a jewelry auction featuring treasures associated with classical myths.


Episode 14 - The Mirage Women

Lupin visits Mattea who is recovering at the hospital, although she is not surprised to learn his true identity.


Episode 15 - Wedding Bells Ring with the Sound of Gunfire

Lupin reveals to Jigen their next heist is to steal the "Tear of Marseille", a jewel whose existence was only recently revealed on the internet.


Episode 16 - Samurai Collection

Gabby, a celebrity fashion designer whose collections are sold through auctions instead of the open market, returns after a year to present a new fashion line.


Episode 17 - Win or Lose in 0.1 Seconds

Linfeng Wang, issues a challenge to Lupin to steal a unique coin, the Flowing Hair Dollar, from her heavily guarded Wangtic headquarters.


Episode 18 - Fakes Attract Lies Part 1

Lupin visits the florist shop where Mattea has returned to work, and she explains that she is planning a holiday.


Episode 19 - Fakes Attract Lies Part 2

Following Hazel's death, Cotornica's borders are closed and Zenigata is held in jail.


Episode 20 - Two Terrible Ladies

While preparing for a date with Lupin, Fujiko receives an unexpected visit from an old associate, Amelia, a devil-may-care con artist.


Episode 21 - Welcome to the Island of Bubbles

Muru, a young woman with romantic ideals is telling stories to local fishermen about the village's mermaid legends when there is an accident which involves Lupin's car.


Episode 22 - My Mother's Documents

A young woman named Finn Clarke travels to Revonland in the Arctic to learn more about her mother who died after giving birth to her 16 years ago to the day.


Episode 23 - The Memories of a Beloved Witch

Lupin, Goemon, and Jigen encounter Zenigata, revealing he's chasing Mattea, who apparently stabbed Ariana and killed Hazel, to Lupin's shock.


Episode 24 - What Crooks Love

Lupin and Mattea's fight is broken up by Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko's arrival.



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