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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - National Pelmet

During a trip to the seaside, Terry is not very keen on having to mind a racehorse - until he meets a jockey he takes a shine to.


Episode 2 - Whose Wife Is It Anyway?

Terry turns his hand to selling antiques when Arthur's friend Alex is hospitalised following a hit-and-run. Was it definitely an accident?


Episode 3 - You Lose Some, You Win Some

Terry and Arthur look after a gambling school, whose members need somewhere to hide in order to avoid arousing suspicion.


Episode 4 - Don't Tell Them Willie Boy Was Here

Terry has to mind a champion boxer who is making a comeback after two years away from the ring - but a crooked promoter plans to fix the fight.


Episode 5 - Not a Bad Lad, Dad

When he arrives home to find a nine-year-old boy on his doorstep, Terry takes on a minding job he hadn't anticipated, and later teaches someone a lesson.


Episode 6 - The Beer Hunter

Arthur meets up with an old friend from the army, but then loses him - and his trousers.


Episode 7 - A Nice Little Wine

Things turn sour for Arthur when his wine supplier Clive is mugged and he becomes the prime suspect.


Episode 8 - All Mod Cons

Terry is asked by a dodgy landlady to get rid of some squatters, while Arthur dreams of a future as a property developer.


Episode 9 - Diamonds are a Girl's Worst Enemy

An old adversary's car mysteriously disappears while Terry is minding it for his wife. Is Terry to blame?


Episode 10 - The Old School Tie

When George, an old friend of Terry's, escapes from prison, he wants Terry to prove his innocence - but then George ends up in an even messier situation.


Episode 11 - All About Scoring, Innit?

Drama series about the shady dealings of a loveable rogue and his reluctant sidekick. Terry has to mind Danny Varrow when the gambling, womanising, boozing footballer leaves his club in the lurch.


Episode 12 - Caught in the Act, Fact

Terry helps out an old friend and is in danger of being run in by the law - not once, but twice. Meanwhile, Arthur is up to something fishy.


Episode 13 - A Lot of Bull and a Pat on the Back

Terry is knee deep in trouble when Arthur insists they head to the countryside to make the very unusual repossession of a prize bull.


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