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Episode 1 - Happiness Is a Dancing Dog

Snoopy writes a book about his younger days; reveals the origin of his friendship with Woodstock; and gets the dancing bug.


Episode 2 - Never Bug a Beagle

Snoopy invites Woodstock to move in with him; embarks on a mission to bring Sally's sandwich to school; and tries to cool off on a hot day.


Episode 3 - The Curse of a Fuzzy Face

Snoopy goes to a scary movie with Woodstock; advises Charlie Brown on his Halloween costume; and gives tricks to kids instead of treats.


Episode 4 - Happiness Is a Snow Day

Snoopy shows Marcie how to enjoy a snow day; helps Rerun retrieve a runaway sled; and builds a snowman with Woodstock.


Episode 5 - Just Your Basic Beagle

Snoopy forgets Woodstock's birthday; uses chores as payment at Lucy's yard sale; and replaces a daisy for Charlie Brown.


Episode 6 - Bugable, Hugable, Beagle

Woodstock protects a badminton birdie; Snoopy decides to pen a prize-winning novel; and he feels guilty when Rerun is injured while they’re playing.


Episode 7 - Better Off Beagle

Snoopy puts on a magic show that affects Woodstock; avoids going to the vet for his cold; and discovers the difficulties of making dinner.


Episode 8 - Beagle Days Ahead

Snoopy sets up a therapy booth to rival Lucy’s; co-parents a lost egg with Woodstock; and teaches Rerun how to ride a tricycle.


Episode 9 - Big Time Beagle

Snoopy comes to the rescue of his least favorite neighbor; gets stranded on a sandbar; and chauffeurs an injured Woodstock.


Episode 10 - Happiness Is a Good Book

Snoopy loses Sally’s balloon; creates chaos trying to win at mini golf; and has a hard time being quiet at the library.


Episode 11 - It Takes All Kinds to Make a World

Snoopy gets enrolled at Lucy’s etiquette school; drops the ball protecting a prop for the kids’ Earth Day play; and sets up a unique photo safari.


Episode 12 - Thank Goodness for Beagles

Snoopy invites his family over for dinner; leads the Beagle Scouts on a quest to find his brother Spike; and lets Olaf, another brother, sleep over.


Episode 13 - Speak Softly, and Carry a Beagle

Snoopy finds out Lucy’s definition of fun; coaches Charlie Brown in a potato sack race; and lets his imagination run wild thanks to Sally’s new bike.



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