The Snoopy Show Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Beagle Is In

Charlie Brown finds an extraordinary potato chip; Woodstock moves into a new nest; and Snoopy gets distracted cleaning his doghouse.


Episode 2 - Root Beer All Around

Snoopy gives Woodstock a makeover; loses Linus’ beloved blanket; and heads to the skies for wild adventures.


Episode 3 - Well, I’ll Be a Brown-Eyed Beagle

Snoopy takes a liking to a new stuffed bunny; plays cupid on Sally’s behalf; and learns to keep his cool when he loses.


Episode 4 - Dogs Don’t Say Goodbye

Lucy throws Rerun a birthday party; Snoopy stops at nothing to keep Woodstock from leaving; and Snoopy turns out to be a pogo stick pro.


Episode 5 - Beagle Appreciation Day

Schroeder wants to honor Beethoven properly; Woodstock stumbles upon a toy paradise; and Snoopy lets a day for beagles go to his head.


Episode 6 - Happiness Is a Rainy Day

Snoopy is asked to speak before the Head Beagle; tries to escape the modern world with his Beagle Scouts; and discovers rainy days can be fun.


Episode 7 - Déjà Beagle

Snoopy wants to have as much fun as he can before summer ends; Snoopy freshens up a game of fetch; and Lucy wakes up in a bad mood.


Episode 8 - All the World’s a Beagle

Charlie Brown plans a surprise party for Snoopy’s birthday; Snoopy proves he’s not lazy; and Snoopy takes Charlie Brown to court over a bad dinner.


Episode 9 - Big Beagle on Campus

A newsletter gets the inside scoop on Charlie Brown; the gang learns to have fun from the cheap seats; and Spike invites Snoopy to the desert.


Episode 10 - Not Bad for a Beagle

Sally takes care of Snoopy for the weekend; Charlie Brown quits the baseball team; and Peppermint Patty uses Snoopy as a stand-in.


Episode 11 - Happiness Is Your Favorite Thing

Lucy hires Snoopy to protect her garden; Snoopy offers construction services to the neighborhood; and Snoopy’s old dog bowl is sorely missed.


Episode 12 - Happiness Is a Song in Your Heart

Charlie Brown wants more attention from Snoopy; Sally’s class pet makes Snoopy jealous; and Lucy believes musicals cause nothing but trouble.


Episode 13 - Happiness is the Gift of Giving

Snoopy adapts a Christmas poem to help Sally sleep; Charlie Brown makes gifts for his pals; and Snoopy can’t wait to open his presents.



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