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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Great Wizard's Visit

Miss Cackle isn't herself when the Great Wizard comes to visit, leaving her job in jeopardy. Mildred's desperate to prove she deserves to be at the school, despite not being from a witching family.


Episode 1 - Tortoise Trouble

It's the first day of term and Mildred is feeling positive... until she has a hand in a wing of the school falling down! Enthusiastic new first years arrive and nervous Sybil Hallow is terrified. Mildred stumbles upon something very important.


Episode 2 - The Friendship Trap

Mildred and Ethel are more at odds than ever, so Miss Cackle sets a friendship trap on them pushing them too close for comfort. Miss Hardbroom is suspicious of the mysterious new art teacher.


Episode 2 - The Best Teacher

Mildred learns not to take short cuts when a wisdom spell goes wrong and she has to convince her class she's their new teacher.


Episode 3 - Maud's Big Mistake

Maud's panic about parent's evening pushes her to use a forgetting powder, meanwhile Mildred wonders if her mum is a witch after all.


Episode 3 - Ethel Everywhere

Ethel gets more than she bargained for when her clone spell spirals out of control. Mildred goes in search of the Founding Stone. Miss Hardbroom grows increasingly suspicious of Miss Mould.


Episode 4 - The Extraordinary Esper Vespertilio

Mildred makes a stand about equality when a mysterious witch arrives in school. Miss Bat's chanting performance reveals a secret about her past. Beatrice's allergy is exposed with disastrous consequences.


Episode 4 - The First Witch

Mildred goes on a hair-raising journey while looking into her magical heritage, meanwhile Ethel thinks she's queen bee when she grows a wart.


Episode 5 - Mildred's Family Tree

A lesson on family trees gets Mildred thinking about finding her dad. Ethel can't resist making a cruel joke at Mildred's expense. Sports Day pushes Maud to take desperate measures.


Episode 6 - Bat Girl

Enid takes a practical joke too far and is threatened with expulsion. Mildred turns herself into a bat but can't remember how to turn herself back. Clarice struggles to understand the appeal of practical jokes


Episode 7 - Hollow Wood

Mildred can't understand why the girls are so scared of collecting potions ingredients in the woods until she comes face to face with an unusual creature. Sybil gets a surprise visit from her big sister and Miss Cackle struggles to deal with the guilt of seeing non-magical Esmerelda.


Episode 8 - Miss Cackle's Birthday

Maud is stressed out directing Miss Cackle's birthday show so Mildred and Enid try to help, but they accidentally turn her into a baby. Miss Cackle struggles with pressure from the Magic Council.


Episode 9 - Miss Softbroom

Miss Cackle goes to meet her fate at the Magic Council and Mildred is determined to help her. The first years are unimpressed with Miss Hardbroom as acting head teacher and decide to soften her up. A formidable inspector comes to inspect the school and is unimpressed to find the Academy in disarray.


Episode 10 - A New Dawn

Miss Pentangle brightens the gloom at Cackle's teaching modern witching workshops, but Mildred is determined to see Miss Cackle reinstated. Sybil finds the workshops too much and Mildred takes a risk to help Miss Cackle. Miss Hardbroom struggles to assert her authority over her friend, Miss Pentangle


Episode 11 - Love At First Sight

It's Halloween, but Mildred's more interested in meddling in Miss Bat and Mr Rowan-Webb's relationship. Her good intentions backfire when her love spell goes wrong. Sybil's desperate to prove she's brave but gets caught up in Ethel's plan to get Esmerelda back in school.


Episode 12 - All Hallow's Eve

The girls frantically try to find out how to reignite the Founding Stone and Ethel and Mildred are surprised by their family history. Meanwhile Halloween celebrations are masking the magical mayhem of a broken Founding Stone.


Episode 13 - The Big Freeze

As the castle continues to freeze and hope is being lost, surprises come from every corner. Ethel decides to make a sacrifice.


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