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Episode 1 - Trapped in the Sky

Criminal Mastermind the Hood puts a bomb on a plane. International Rescue must foil the Hood's evil plans.


Episode 2 - Pit of Peril

On a jungle test, the U.S. Army Sidewinder falls into an old landfill where combustible gases have turned it into a raging inferno. International Rescue hope to haul the massive machine up, but how do they properly attach the winch gear?


Episode 3 - The Perils of Penelope

Professor Borender, an important scientist, and Lady Penelope are both abducted.


Episode 4 - Terror in New York City

A TV reporter and a cameraman are trapped when the Empire State Building collapses.


Episode 5 - The Edge of Impact

A fighter jet crashes into a Teleray station, trapping two men, after being sabotaged by the Hood.


Episode 6 - A Day of Disaster

A Martian probe-rocket containing two engineers is buried underneath rubble when a bridge collapses.


Episode 7 - 30 Minutes After Noon

A British agent is trapped in a room of plutonium with an explosive device strapped to his wrist.


Episode 8 - Desperate Intruder

Brains and Tin-Tin join an expedition to explore a submerged temple in the hidden lake Anasta, but The Hood wants the hidden treasure in the temple and also sees the chance of using Brains and Tin-Tin to draw the Thunderbirds into his evil net.


Episode 9 - End of the Road

Eddie Houseman, a Tracy Family friend, is left stranded on a cliff after a demolition operation goes wrong.


Episode 10 - The Uninvited

Scott is brought down in the desert by three mysterious jet fighters and captured along with a team of archaeologists.


Episode 11 - Sun Probe

A space explorer is on a collison course with the sun after becoming lost.


Episode 12 - Operation Crash Dive

Thunderbirds are called to rescue a supersonic plane from beneath the Atlantic Ocean.


Episode 13 - Vault of Death

A Bank of England worker is trapped in a time-lock safe. Time is of the essence as the oxygen is running out.


Episode 14 - The Mighty Atom

'The Mighty Atom' is a robotic rodent programmed to take photographs. The Hood steals the machine intending to take secret pictures of the Thunderbirds' craft and operations.


Episode 15 - City of Fire

A Space age shopping mall suddenly becomes the site of a raging furnace.


Episode 16 - The Imposters

Operations are unjustly suspended when imposters disguised as International Rescue take secret papers from a vault.


Episode 17 - The Man From MI5

A British spy vanishes while carrying atomic weapon blueprints.


Episode 18 - Cry Wolf

The Hood attacks a space tracking station in Australia.


Episode 19 - Danger at Ocean Deep

After the launch of the ship Ocean Pioneer, fears are raised that its potentially explosive cargo of liquid alsterene may mean impending disaster.


Episode 20 - Move - And You're Dead

After Alan wins Parola Sands motor race, his rival Victor Gomez develops a grudge.


Episode 21 - The Duchess Assignment

Lady Penelope's friend, the Duchess of Royston, agrees to sell an expensive painting.


Episode 22 - Brink of Disaster

Crooked tycoon Warren Grafton invites Jeff, Brains and Tin-Tin for a ride on the monorail he has built.


Episode 23 - Attack of the Alligators

An experimental drug that makes animals grow four times their normal size is spilled into the Amazon River by a greedy boatman attempting to steal it.


Episode 24 - Martian Invasion

The Hood forces an unwitting Kyrano into immoblising Thunderbird 1's photodetector.


Episode 25 - The Cham-Cham

The villainous musician Olsen has a cunning plan to disrupt rocket flights.


Episode 26 - Security Hazard

Chip, a young boy, manages to penetrate Tracy Island.


Episode 27 - Atlantic Inferno

Jeff takes a holiday with Lady Penelope, leaving Scott to take charge of International Rescue. But when a fire threatens to engulf the Seascape drilling rig, he is unsure whether to intervene or not...


Episode 28 - Path of Destruction

The massive, atomic powered 'Crablogger' that cuts down and processes trees into pulp goes out of control and razes a town to the ground. Virgil and Scott risk death to shut down its reactor and empty its fuel tanks before it destroys a local dam.


Episode 29 - Alias Mr Hackenbacker

Master criminals hijack a plane with Lady Penelope on board.


Episode 30 - Lord Parker's 'Oliday

Lady Penelope and Parker holiday at the world's first solar-powered town.


Episode 31 - Ricochet

Tin-Tin picks up an SOS message from an intergalactic pirate TV station.


Episode 32 - Give or Take a Million

When two bank robbers trip an alarm, they try to hide but are transported along with a consignment of hundreds of gifts to a childrens' hospital. The crooks are captured and one lucky child gets the Christmas of a lifetime at Tracy Island.



Season 1

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