Wycliffe Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Four Jacks

Cornish police detective Charles Wycliffe has to dig deep when an archaeological student is found shot in her bed.


Episode 2 - The Dead Flautist

Wycliffe is uneasy about an apparent suicide on the secluded estate of Lord and Lady Bottrell.


Episode 3 - The Scapegoat

Wycliffe and his team investigate when the body of a local undertaker is thrown off a cliff in a bizarre annual ritual.


Episode 4 - The Tangled Web

When Wycliffe searches for a pregnant teenager who has gone missing from her village, he finds her feuding family are hiding some secrets.


Episode 5 - The Last Rites

The body of a church cleaner is discovered spreadeagled below the cross. A satanic cult is thought to be behind the killing, but Wycliffe has other suspicions.


Episode 6 - The Pea Green Boat

A fishing boat explodes in the bay killing its owner, Harry Tremaine - was it an accident or murder?


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