Wycliffe Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Strangers

Wycliffe and the team are called in to investigate the events following a strange wedding with a bizarre guest list.


Episode 2 - Close to Home

Wycliffe and the team are baffled when a known petty criminal turns killer. Kelsey receives some bad news.


Episode 3 - On Account

Wycliffe has some strong words for Kersey when a case of extortion is put in jeopardy.


Episode 4 - Lone Voyager

Wycliffe and the team find themselves dealing with more than a missing persons case when a lone yachtswoman disappears.


Episode 5 - Seen a Ghost

A dark family secret comes to light when a girl deliberately runs over a woman on a pedestrian crossing, and the result of an internal inquiry board is revealed.


Episode 6 - Bad Blood

A couple threatened with violence unless they move out of their cottage are accused of murdering the landowner.


Episode 7 - To Sup with the Devil

Lane puts herself in jeopardy when she mishandles an informant, but can Wycliffe and Kersey find her in time?


Episode 8 - Old Crimes New Times

As Wycliffe juggles cases, his own future comes under the spotlight when he becomes the subject of an internal investigation.


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