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What TV shows should you watch on Netflix tonight? We’ve put together a list of the best TV shows streaming on Netflix right now


Why you should watch: There are a number of documentaries on the catastrophic affect OxyContin inflicted on so many people, and still does to this day. Matthew Broderick stars in this drama series which explores how Purdue turned OxyContin into a billion-dollar blockbuster by launching an unprecedented marketing campaign claiming that the drug’s long-acting formulation made it safer to use than traditional painkillers for many types of pain. That illusion was quickly shattered as drug abusers learned that crushing an Oxy could release its narcotic payload all at once. As OxyContin’s use and abuse grew, Purdue concealed what it knew from regulators, doctors, and patients. And have those affected received justice? The answer, of course, is no, which is the most frustrating aspect of this whole saga. Fines applied to the Sackler family have hardly put a dent in their billions.

Director: PETER BERG


Why you should watch: Ooh aah Cantona! It’s a while since that chant has resonated around a football stadium. But here we have Eric Cantona doing a find job in this crime drama as Alain Delambre, a senior executive worn out and humiliated by six years of unemployment. So, when a prestigious company selects him as a candidate, he is prepared to alienate his wife, steal from his daughters, hit his son-in-law and even take part in a role-playing game in the form of a hostage-taking scenario, knowing that, if he is hired, all will be forgiven. Of course, even the best executed plans go awry, and they certainly do here. Lots of twists in this plot to keep you interested.



Why you should watch: Yet another excellent crime drama series from Sweden. This is a harrowing and all too familiar scenario, especially across the USA. The story is based on the Swedish novel “Störst av allt” by Malin Persson Giolito where a school shooting occurs in Stockholm’s wealthiest suburb, Danderyd, and a seemingly normal 18-year-old girl Maja is accused of murder. But during the trial details of her relationship with five other students, parents and a teacher are revealed. Is she really the murderer or just another victim?



Why you should watch: This is an interesting historical drama series from Turkey. It is an aspect of the country that is not often depicted. Set in 1955, the story tells of Matilda, an ex-convict working in a fashionable nightclub. While Matilda tries to mend her relations with her daughter Rasel, she also tries to deal with the mysterious Celebi, the nightclub manager, who appears to know about her past and is willing to resort to blackmail to maintain control over all the employees at the club.



Why you should watch: This drama series about the beginnings of Germany’s Oktoberfest is said to be loosely based on true events. Although the character of Curt Prank is fictional, there was a Georg Lang from Nuremberg who wanted to have a tent at Oktoberfest, the largest to ever exist, but it depended on how much a landlord was willing to pay. The story set in 1900 tells of rich newcomer, Curt Prank, a man with a shady past who arrives in Munich determined to crash the local Oktoberfest with his own brewery. But when his daughter falls in love with the heir to a rival brewery, a violent chain of events is unleashed that will threaten both families’ futures. A little melodramatic at times, but it’s interesting to see a drama set around such a famous event.



Why you should watch: There are quite a few documentaries on a variety of subjects on Netflix. If you want to know the secret of living to the age of 100 or over, you may find it here. I was amazed at the agility and mental capacity of many of the octogenarians featured here. Author Dan Buettner travels the world to discover five unique communities where people live extraordinarily long and vibrant lives, and it doesn’t always depend on just what they are consuming. It can also depend on your outlook on life in general or, in the case of a Japanese community, to stop eating once you are 80% full. I’m definitely going to endeavour to change my diet and attitude after watching this series.

Director: CLAY JETER


Why you should watch: There are three seasons of this true crime series, if you’re into finding out how law enforcement investigators go about apprehending infamous serial killers wreaking havoc across the US, revealing the harrowing and chilling details of their crimes. It is a little frightening, but interest to see how the various agencies use different methods to ensure justice is obtained for the victims.

Director: BEN REID


Why you should watch: Meryl Streep won an Emmy for the narration of this interesting documentary that shows a different side of Hollywood. Five present-day directors discuss five wartime directors who voluntarily joined WW2 in order to film it: William Wyler by Steven Spielberg, Frank Capra by Guillermo del Toro, George Stevens by Laurence Kasdan, John Ford by Paul Greengrass and John Huston by Francis Ford Coppola. There are a lot of revelations here that have not been addressed before, especially through archive interviews with directors featured. The series is adapted from Mark Harris’s 2015 book Five Came Back: A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War. An informative documentary.



Why you should watch: I must admit I have difficulty understanding what is going on in American Football. I’ve had it explained to me in a beer bar in Bedford-Stuyvesant in NYC during a Superbowl match. The whole bar joined in trying to impart the rules to the visiting Australian, but the more beer that was consumed the rowdier it got, and I came away none the wiser. One of those memorable travel experiences. But what goes on behind the scenes is always of interest. In this documentary, Head Coach Urban Meyer and various players give an insight into how they catapulted the Florida Gators from underdogs to winners of two BCS National Championships.



Why you should watch: This investigative documentary explores an enigmatic Christian group known as The Family that wields enormous influence in Washington, DC, in pursuit of its global ambitions. Douglas Coe is the leader of the Family; he doesn’t seek fame and wants to maintain a low profile. His followers are groups of men and women in their 20s in gender-segregated groups. Members of Congress and foreign dignitaries are routinely hosted at The Cedars. Based on Jeff Sharlet’s books “The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power” and “C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy”. Well, this was very informative. I didn’t know very much about this group so this was very interesting, and a little disturbing.



  • Sheila says:

    I thought All the characters in “Startup” were err unique. Great storyline that, yes, I “binge-watched”. Check it out!


  • Steve Balogh says:

    Why is no ratings on these movies???? I do like R. rated !!! Shows.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Halston was excellent. My husband actually really enjoyed it too, binge watched all episodes in one evening.

  • Marty Dressler says:

    Most, if not all of these shows are English speaking. Hooray! I’m tired of having to be a linguist to watch tv.

  • S D Tebbutt says:

    Have watched, or will watch only 4 out of these 10….might be time to cancel.

  • Cheryl says:

    Terrible movies with the exception of one. And that is why I cancelled.

  • Gerri says:

    What happened to virgin river is it coming back. Did not care for start up I only watched first 20 minutes to graphic for my taste. Loved heartland and halston also

  • Kathy Fisher says:

    Loving Heartland. Great escape from reality.

  • Royce Larson says:

    You advertised that it was Netflix stuff but it’s really a commercial for Utube.

    Just false and misleading rubbish.

  • On TV Tonight Staff says:

    Hey Royce – Just click on the ‘WATCH NOW’ button for full streaming options. The trailers from Youtube are there for a quick preview – Cheers, The OTT Team.

  • Citizen Dan says:

    Erm, Breaking Bad isn’t available on the Netflix AU, (it’s on Stan along with prequel Better Call Saul) although they do have El Camno, a spinoff to BB on Netflix globally.

    More effort required. D-

  • mahlon meidinger says:

    Netflix is far better in other country’s they get shows far sooner than in the United States and more choices in many country’s like Australia loved there app when we in country.

  • Linda says:

    Loved Virgin River and Heartland they are so good no cussing just nice talk. Just wish had more Christian movies.

  • Lana Looney says:

    Love Virgin River. Want to move!!!!

  • Colleen says:

    I’m a newbie, just to tell you I love OTT especially the Netflix reviews, I am definitely on the same pages as your “reviewer”
    And Virgin River here in Oz is back July 9!!!

  • On TV Tonight Staff says:

    Howdy Colleen! Glad to know you love the guide – Cheers, The OTT Team.

  • Shifty says:

    I attempted “Ghosts of War”, a poorly written unappealing ghost story set during World War II, and “Godless”, starring Sam Waterston. What could be wrong with that, just the plot, premise, dialogue, characters, post-feminist politically correct b.s., that is all. When I finish Longmire, I am done with Netflix.

  • Mary Kelley says:

    So many of the series shows are so dark (as in not good lighting). It does nothing for the shows. Sometimes I cannot even see what is going on. Actually it is not just Netflix, some of the ? broadband ? Shows are the same. BTW we devoured Dexter and Ozark and 13 Reasons Why

  • Mary Kelley says:

    Oops my mistake calling non cable tv “broadband”

  • Zack Elliott says:

    netfl definitely needs to add many motr MOVIES…..Not series!!!!! Need more Modern SCI FI and action newer movies too!!!!! I may cancel if changes arent made SOON!

  • Kerry Ginnane says:

    These aren’t new they’ve been around for ages

  • Lauri says:

    Startup will hook you…binge watched all 3 seasons in a week!

  • Johanna Ould says:

    Just live Heartland, Virgin River and When Calls the Heart.
    Line of Duty is fantastic !

  • Elaine B. Johnson says:

    Too much murder, mayhem, and whiteness in these flicks! What had happened to love, happiness, and fun. This is 2021 for Pete’s sake! There are lots of great Netflix movies that present diversity such as Fatherhood,
    Ma Rainey, Miles Davis.

  • sue clayton-evans says:

    Absolutely LOVE Virgin River!! So much excitement and oh, such beauty! Can’t wait for Series 3.

  • don says:

    .. for a long time Netflix only has B/C/D grade movies, they don’t want to spend money on paying to show great movies. some time ago, i checked over 200 of the best movies – Netflix had about 6!!
    now they want to push you to only watch what they make themselves (which IS often good), but otherwise crap movies n series.

    and if you are not in US, you get half of what they get – and pay twice as much.

    one good thing (for me) is that usually/often have Vietnamese subtitles

    i have tried Prime but most of their moves are pay for view. Vudu has an enormous collection of movies but they are all pay for view – would be hugely expensive. i have (can?) not tried Hulu.

    and because i am not n AU now, i have not tried STAN.

  • Deacon says:

    Getting a little tired of getting hooked on a series just to find that it’s been cancelled after one season.

  • Cindy says:

    Even though we think a series gets cancelled sooner than we think it should, it’s still enjoyable to watch. Can’t remember which ones I am thinking about, but remember saying that to myself.

  • Sweety says:

    Love Virgin River, watched all episodes.
    Hope there is more to come.
    Heartland ♥️ Miss it

    Clean TV, no unnecessary cussing or vulgarity. It makes watching shows enjoyable again. Thank you!

  • lorri A behagg says:

    I just love Virgin River Can wait for the next season The show is a good show it really keeps you on your toes trying figure out what will happen next I just can’t wait for to find out what happen next

  • Gail Arno says:

    Wonderful, and need more like these:
    Heartland !
    Virgin River !

  • Barb says:

    Virgin River was last year people.
    Keep up here. Doesn’t say much about Netflix huh?

  • CJ says:

    Can’t wait for the new season of After Life. Brilliant series!!!

  • BETTIE ROMAN says:

    I also would like more movies rather than series

  • Sue Ford says:

    Well there was only a couple I found interesting and that is Greenleaf and Heartland. The other movies are just too much the same as each other.
    I sure hope you will add more Christian movies please.

  • WB says:

    More Movies, less Series.

  • Bea says:

    No Christian or religious movies……….philosophy, political , mystery are good.

  • Rhonda Kay Lee Humphries says:

    If your going to attempt filming provide enough lighting that I don’t have to check the settings to make sure nothing’s wrong with my television. Then spend the rest of the movie taking my glasses off and putting them back on to try to see if they can help me see the dark scenes better, if you can’t pay for the lights maybe you shouldn’t be filming.

  • K.E. says:

    I loved virgin River please make more Heartland I have watched them all and are waiting for more series please make more and When Calls The Heart was also the bomb of series please make more These three are the best out of all of them
    Both myself and my partner have watched all of the movies on Netflix and are waiting for more to come Please no more different country movies where you cannot understand what they say

  • Annette says:

    I am loving Virgin River. Just finished watching Van Helsing and enjoyed it immensely. I am watching Chicago Fire, which I love but I would like to know when the seasons after number 4 will be shown.

  • Rob says:

    I was intrigued with Click Bait. A great watch. Surprising ending.

  • willmaxmusic says:

    It would be very helpful if you would say if the show is in English. I don’t have time to click on every trailer.

  • Lyn says:

    More movies please

  • sherwin dubren says:

    Too many dark movies. What’s needed are mysteries that require some intellectual stimulation like those of Agatha Christe, Sherlock Homes and Ellery Queen. Serial killers, etc. don’t cut it.

    Would also like to see more historical and adventure films.

    Serious comedies are lacking.

  • Kathleen says:

    Agree with many of the comments here…. My husband and I are turned off by so many horrible murders (victims mostly women), disgusting language, totally uncommitted sex which ads nothing to the underlying story. We like thoughtful movies or series, especially those based on true stories. Something that “appeals to our better angels.”

  • Jan V says:

    Virgin river and Heartland ran I miss them and when do more come out Watch to season 14 and stop, when are more episodes coming?

  • Mark Goldberg says:

    Have watched most of squid game , fantastic , haven’t seen any others

  • Cindie says:

    Why does every email I get from you list only zombie, sci if and crime dramas? I am not interested in any of those genres but it’s all I get from you!

  • J. Smith says:

    I wonder if someone with Netflix’s is really reading these comments. Everyone has said my thoughts about wanting good, old fashioned, decent movies without all the cussing and violence. All the foreign movies are difficult to watch and I will probably go to website. Sorry, thanks for trying to be entertaining.

  • J. Smith says:

    * I will find another movie sight.

  • Malou says:

    Would you please get some decent movies… I mean A grade movies. So many low grade movies on Netflix. Some of the old 60s 70s 80s good movies not second rate stuff. So many bad movie choices. Not so many series PLEASE… Just better quality movies. I have trouble with the sound of these excrutiatingly bad movies.
    “Pieces of her” was not great either… just passable. The Sinner was OK.

    But so few good quality films, Not enough good documentaries. Not enough fast pace action films. There are also NO NEW MOVIES on Netflix…. why? they’re on other streaming services.

  • Wilson B Morton says:

    Stop showing all the movies that were made at night………

  • LLB says:

    I love Netflix, so many international movies and series instead of dreadful Hollywood trash.

  • Allen says:

    Need more episodes of Virgin River

  • Edward says:

    They cancel Space Force I cancel them.

  • Josephine Smith says:

    There are some foreign movies I would watch if they were done in English, you have had some good shows that have been canceled, I agree with some here better lighting is needed

  • Jenny Millward says:

    My problem is with foreign languages. I only speak and listen English. I would appreciate if you could let me know in the beginning so I don’t have to thru the rigmarole to get to the 1st word spoken and find out it is non-English speaking or dubbed.

    And more series’ please.

    Thanking you
    Jenny Millward

  • Dean says:

    Love Virgin River, need more of those! The new season of Tin Star is a little rough, won’t finish it.

  • Lise Boorman says:

    Well first of all if I can understand the language you cant hardly see whats going on because it is always dark. So to be honest, most of the recommendations are not in English and I will not look at any show that has sub-titles and anyway you cant see the characters because its always in the dark. Been a client of Netflix for years and years and the choices they make has been terrible. Have a good day

  • Shanti says:

    I agree with the comments about dark and murky lighting in many productions! Also hate movies with sub-titles, as many of them show the dialogue in such small printing that they can’t be read, despite wearing glasses! Bring back dubbed movies – at least you can work out what’s going on!

  • Charles says:

    Netflix has cancelled or is about to cancel three of my favs: Happy Endings, Criminal Minds, and Chicago Med. Time for me to cancel my subscription.

  • paul watchorn says:

    ok , you have a male who was hooked on , “when calls the heart” . me watched 5 seasons and then none . not happy ! me understands there are 5 more seasons , please get them and asap !!!!!

  • Lise Desneiges Boorman says:

    As usual more than half is anything but English with all the darn subtitles. Its very hard to get any seires in English, and yes I have watched Peaky Blinders. So more reasons to cancel Netflix

  • Susan Jane Berson says:

    I live on Netflix. I can binge watch all my favorites, NCIS, Criminal Minds. Just saw just being cancelled??? 🙁 and dubbing a foreign film ruins it. I speak 5 language so I love the foreign films. ) I forget if The Queens Gambit is a Netflix original but that show was amazing.

  • Bill Mevers says:

    Is Longmire coming back; I thought it was great.

  • Jenny says:

    Most dark and horrible stories. I am cancelling netflix, it”s all too gruesome and not enough documentary/historical and lighter choices. Way too much murder and killing.

  • CR says:

    I have had it with Netflix’s idea of a terrific film! Everything is dark, or about murder, or about evil deeds and people. No wonder people are frustrated. What a bunch of schlock!

  • John Costin says:

    Like netflix and would like to get more docs on space and wildlife and true life experiences. Thanks John C

  • Allen says:

    Some good shows. However it reminds me of calling in for repairs, problems with a TV, etc.
    Very little English spoken here. It is really a shame.

  • paul says:

    tired of starting to watch a series or movie , to discover it is not in english . just put a note , not in english netflix . duh !!!!!

  • Vance simonds says:

    More movies, not series pls.

    No problem with subtitles, but accents make it very tough to understand.

  • Linda M Bryan says:

    I agree that there are too many thrillers. More comedies would be great. Also, too many foreign films with horrible over dubbing. I end up watching Hulu probably more than Netflix.

  • Linda J says:

    I cancelled Netflixs a year ago. I did not know that it was a series until after I got hooked on the first one. It took me forever to watch the whole show. My main problem was that I watched before bedtime and I would fall asleep. The show would not stop at the end of the episode. Instead it would continue to the next episode then the next. The next time that I watched, I had to guess what part I had fallen asleep at. It often took me 30 min to figure out where I needed to start watching. How about you get to the end of the episode and stop? Drove me crazy.

  • nh says:

    need more christian movies.
    I wish that all the movies would be in english or have it as an option..

    I do not like that they are stopping my use of my mother’s account. She visits often and we watch movies together. She is paying the bill. She should be able to watching at other places and her vacation home.

  • Nin says:

    I love watching movies/series in their original language, sometimes with help of subtitles. Some people are too lazy to learn another language or to read subtitles, that’s their loss. The documentary about Harry and Meghan was a total waste of time. So much misinformation and lies. Couldn’t stomach it. Please no more from them.

  • Bruce says:

    Iam not a fan of Netflix or Foxtel infact not a fan of how these forums are dictating my life I like movies not endless mini series that have lost the plot and kee going on and

  • Abigail Westover says:

    Cunk on Earth, laugh-out-loud funny.
    Unstable is a delight, Rob Lowe is under-rated comedic actor.
    Shameless, a lesson on how no one learns from experience and after a while, boring.
    Beauty Queen of Jerusalem is excellent.

  • Michael McLoon says:

    The continual blasphemy in TheDiplomat was disgusting. After hearing it once, I hoped it was a one-off, but when it happened the second time I turn it off.

  • Michael D. Scott says:

    “The Diplomat” was absolutely Brilliant…..! I binged watched it and now I must sit around waiting for Season 2…..! Season 1’s ending will leave you speechless….!!
    C’mon Season 2…..!

  • Denny Ingram says:

    To many movies that are not in English!!!

  • Jeannette McKay says:

    I hardly watch Netflix anymore but if I do I watch the same old ones again & again so much I’m even getting sick of them too.

  • Genypher says:

    I Loved, Loved, Loved Queen Charlotte!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the best of Bridgerton. She wen tthrough so much and yet she stood by her husband and supported him all the way.

  • TonyW says:

    Queen Cleopatra has the worst reviews of all time, why would you recommend it?

  • Joe Kremyr says:

    Too many foreign movies and too many bad movies. We watch a lot of Prime and thinking of cancelling Netflix.

  • Anne says:

    Forget 3rd rate Netflix et al and join a film society near you.I have belonged to the one in Launceston which has been going for years, has a membership of over 1000 & shows top rate international & Australian movies.