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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Let's Start This Deathless Death Match

Hotaru Tachibana, a lively headstrong student council president, meets a strange mysterious man on her way home, waiting by her apartment door.


Episode 2 - Didn't I Tell You I Don't Need Friends?

Toru Yukimura, an S&M ero-manga artist is introduced as the third member of "Team Toy Gun Gun".


Episode 3 - It'll Become Your Greatest Partner

The black envelop is a special invitation given to a chosen few who have earned the right to be in a special Survival Game tournament.


Episode 4 - He's Not Cut Out for That Tournament

Yukimura clashes with Midori, as some past issues concerning Masamune and their past feuds were brought up.


Episode 5 - I Don't Want to Leave This Team!

Hanako was asked by Masamune for Hotaru to join her team instead, for the day.


Episode 6 - The Storm is Coming

A competition is starting soon, Hanako is surprised by how many are competing in it. While as others plan ahead.


Episode 7 - We'll Have to Crush That Hope

Hanako's team is up and everyone is splitting up to their places. Then Hanako sees Fujimon what will Hanako do?


Episode 8 - What Controls Your Mind Now

Round One of the Top Gun Combat competition continues.


Episode 9 - That's What Makes Me Cool!

Depressed after her loss at TGC, Tachibana tells her friend Kanae that she's going to quit survival games.


Episode 10 - I Want to Fight With These People

Masamune kicks Hotaru out of the team, giving her the reason that she's too weak.


Episode 11 - Let's Do Something Fun

After the challenge, Hotaru runs into Tooru, who informs her about the real truth behind Masamune's actions and the true history of Toy Gun Gun.


Episode 12 - I Won't Yield!

On knowing the truth from Yukimura concerning the previous Toy Gun Gun members, Hotaru's resilience leads her to challenge Masamune to a duel.



Season 1

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