Cold Feet Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Untitled

David and Karen become parents again, and Rachel thinks her dream may have come true.


Episode 2 - Untitled

Rachel and Adam are ecstatic when they discover her period is two weeks late.


Episode 3 - Untitled

Rachel and Adam undergo their first treatment. David and Jessica go for a drink.


Episode 4 - Untitled

Pete kisses Ramona and Jenny takes a chance on Robert.


Episode 5 - Untitled

Despite their mixed feelings about it, Adam and Rachel announce their engagement.


Episode 6 - Untitled

Adam meets a face from the past while on his stag weekend.


Episode 7 - Untitled

Adam buys Rachel an engagement ring, and Pete asks Jenny for a divorce.


Episode 8 - Untitled

David is forced to come clean to Karen about what he's been up to.


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