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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Flyaway

In the aftermath of a joyous wedding gone awry, the bride goes missing in South America and the military men in her family vow to find her.


Episode 2 - Tora Bora in the City

At the American embassy in Bogota, the men run into bureaucracy. They find an ally in a powerful banker and embark on an impromptu mission.


Episode 3 - The Gambler

Prince uses his media savvy to pressure the American and Colombian governments to own the mission, setting off a chain reaction in the jungle.


Episode 4 - Upriver

Bambi loses the guerilla’s trail and reacquaints himself with whiskey. Prince recovers from his wounds and starts putting the mess behind him.


Episode 5 - We Reject Your Influence

Amber reaches her final destination at a Venezuelan black site. She’s told she will die there.


Episode 6 - Habeas Thumpus

Bambi receives a surprise visit from an old pal at the CIA. Prince has a change of heart. A daring plan is formulated to set up a prisoner exchange.


Episode 7 - Red Is Positive, Black Is Negative

Prince and Bambi negotiate the hard way, crossing a line. Violetta probes the government’s possible involvement.


Episode 8 - Family Matters

Amber loses her grip on reality and faces execution. Out of options, Prince and Bambi arm up and recruit mercenaries for a historic raid.


Episode 9 - Scorched Earth

As night falls, Prince, Bambi, and their team set out across the border, fulfilling Bambi’s promise to knock the place over.


Episode 10 - Heat

Season finale. Violeta strikes back to save her country. The men must consider what happens if you rescue someone who doesn’t want saving.



Season 1

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