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Episode 1 -

Vick Hope, Sam Homewood and Frankie Vu explain how to look like a jet-setter with the help of a loo seat, and how water can bend metal, before they have the ultimate dance-off.


Episode 2 -

Vick Hope, Sam Homewood, Frankie Vu and Fred Dinenage show how a nappy can protect your possessions, how to make a toilet explode, and how to take on a cake-decorating challenge.


Episode 3 -

Things get dangerous for Frankie Vu when Doctor HOW makes flammable bubbles with 'wind', and Vick Hope discovers how some super showbiz soap can create a colourful geyser.


Episode 4 -

Over in the HOW Hub, Frankie proves that a car can clean up your mess, Doctor HOW makes brilliantly bright bears, and Vick explains just how pants a shooting star can be.


Episode 5 -

Join Vick, Sam, Frankie and Fred as they discover how the colour blue came from the loo, they demonstrate just how strong hair is, and they paint a quick pic.


Episode 6 -

Frankie and Vick discover how to pinch a piece of pizza, Doctor HOW shows Sam how to see a song, and Fred goes potty as he asks how you throw, er, a pot...


Episode 7 -

The team discover how to keep a big bag of crisps fresh with wet wipes and how to un-crush a can of drink, and Fred invites a pizza expert to make a pizza in record time.


Episode 8 -

Vick, Sam and Frankie feel competitive after they find out how to race bugs, Sam gets gross when he asks how gruesome your face is, and food gets dangerous with Doctor HOW.


Episode 9 -

Sam shows the team how to tuck into a tasty worm treat, Frankie explains how a mistake rewrote a famous fairy tale, and Vick shows Frankie how cotton wool makes balloons go bang.


Episode 10 -

Doctor HOW demonstrates how to make explosive crisps, Vick and Sam stop two tractors using nothing more than paper, and the team have a decorating challenge disaster.



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