Kavos Weekender Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 -

It's the start of a new season for Weekender, and with it comes a new location, a new hotel and a new team of reps! Fear not, however, because some things never change...


Episode 2 -

It's the second weekend in Kavos, and El Jefe receives some shocking news that will change the season forever and put the reps through the ultimate test.


Episode 3 -

The season is in full swing, but not for El Jefe, who is isolating in his hotel room - absent from operational duties, David drafts Weekender OG Jordan Davies to take the reins.


Episode 4 -

It's a new weekend in Kavos but groundhog day for El Jefe, who is still in isolation with the 'rona, and Weekender OG and superstar DJ Jordan is still holding the fort.


Episode 5 -

It's halfway through the season in Kavos - El Jefe returns from isolation to reclaim his Head Rep crown for Tash's birthday, where Ethan pulls out all the stops to make it great.


Episode 6 -

David is back to his demanding self and orders his team to turn over a new leaf with immediate effect - elsewhere, Tash's romance with Ethan is getting in the way of her work role.


Episode 7 -

David is embracing the art of manifestation this time, but can he manifest a dedicated deputy to be by his side? Meanwhile, Joel has eyes on one of the new guests in Kavos...


Episode 8 -

David puts Tash and Ethan on a bed-sharing and kissing ban and instructs Tyler to make it stick, and the arrival of new boy guests gives Lucy and Jaegia a spring in their step.


Episode 9 -

El Jefe is putting his reps to the ultimate test this weekend, Ethan's pulling out all the stops for Tash, and hot gossip from Joel and Lucy leaves everyone shocked and elated.


Episode 10 -

It's the final weekend for El Jefe and his rep team as they welcome one last lot of guests to Kavos... but will Ethan's last grand gesture towards Tash succeed, or will it fail?



Season 1

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