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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Uncharted

When an expedition led by Misako, Master Wu and Clutch Powers goes missing while exploring an uncharted island, the ninjas must pick up their trail...


Episode 2 - The Keepers of the Amulet

Having survived their journey to the island, the ninjas venture inland, unexpectedly befriend a dragon, and are ambushed by living statues!


Episode 3 - The Gift of Jay

The ninjas find themselves captured by the Keepers of the Amulet - who seem to be treating Jay particularly well - and Lloyd must stage a rescue.


Episode 4 - The Tooth of Wojira

As Jay is sacrificed to the sea serpent that terrorises the island, the other ninjas begin to suspect that events on the island are not all as they seem...


Episode 5 - A Big Splash

When Nya loses control of her elemental powers, the ninjas search for answers which may lie with the former master of water - Nya's mother.


Episode 6 - The Call of the Deep

Nya's mother Maya arrives with advice on how to regain control of Nya's power, but Zane and Pixal find that something else may be behind the disturbances.


Episode 7 - Unsinkable

The ninjas embark on a mission to uncover the source of a mysterious power signal that is disrupting marine life and Nya's powers.


Episode 8 - Five Thousand Fathoms Down

Nya and Maya discover the source of the energy pulse that has been affecting Nya's powers and come face to face with a dangerous new villain.


Episode 9 - The Wrath of Kalmaar

Nya and her mother Maya attempt to escape from the evil Prince Kalmaar, who is scheming to overthrow his benevolent father King Trimaar.


Episode 10 - Long Live the King

After the Bounty rescues Nya and Maya, Prince Kalmaar deceives the Merlopians and turns the ninjas into fugitives.


Episode 11 - The Escape from Merlopia

Aided by Benthomaar, the ninjas fight their way through the palace to the Hydro Bounty but must escape Kalmaar's forces along the way.


Episode 12 - The Tale of Benthomaar

The tragic tale of Benthomaar is revealed, a tale filled with treachery and betrayal, but also a glimmer of hope.


Episode 13 - The Storm Amulet

Nya and the ninjas race to obtain the Storm Amulet before Prince Kalmaar can obtain it and use it to awaken the doomsday serpent Wojira.


Episode 14 - Riddle of the Sphinx

Wu, Cole, Kai, Ray, and Misako must get into the Explorer's Club in Ninjago City and recover the Storm Amulet before King Kalmaar and his troops.


Episode 15 - Papergirl

King Kalmaar attacks Ninjago City to obtain the Storm Amulet but runs into an unexpected obstacle in the form of a determined young papergirl.


Episode 16 - Master of the Sea

Nya learns the history of the Storm Amulet and Wu, Kai, Cole, Ray, and Misako try to stop King Kalmaar from leaving the city with the Storm Amulet.


Episode 17 - The Calm Before the Storm

Kalmaar awakens the doomsday serpent Wojira and sets his sights on the destruction of Ninjago City.


Episode 18 - Assault on Ninjago City

The ninjas do all that they can to evacuate the city as Kalmaar's assault on the surface world of Ninjago begins.


Episode 19 - Nyad

The ninjas suffer a defeat at the hands of Wojira and Nya contemplates a decision that may save her friends and her city but could spell her own doom.


Episode 20 - The Turn of the Tide

Nya leads the ninjas against Prince Kalmaar and Wojira in a final battle.



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