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Episode 1 - The Long Game

Animated series. Lloyd and Abacus just need to find a nice, quiet, and peaceful spot to play their favourite board game, but the Apple is a hive of activity today.


Episode 2 - Crumble Down Economics

An animated series about a young fly with a lot to prove. When Biggo empties the toaster crumb tray over Lloyd, Lloyd ends up with financial power.


Episode 3 - Maggotsitting

Animated series. When Gena and Malcolm go off for the evening to try a new pasta place, Lloyd is left in charge to look after 224 maggots and his little sister PB.


Episode 4 - Hardy Tardy

Animated series. Lloyd finds a Hardy Tardy - a tardigrade - and wants to keep it as a pet, but his parents warn him that Hardy Tardys never live for long.


Episode 5 - Lloyd of the Ants

Animated series. Lloyd hates not being thought of as hardworking by Queen Libby as he can work as hard as any ant, so Gena gets him working in the ant colony.


Episode 6 - The Spider and the Fly

Animated series. When he discovers that PB thinks that spiders are harmless, Lloyd tries to convince her that they're all fly-eating monsters.


Episode 7 - Ripe for Development

Animated series. Upon hearing Berry is moving into his own place, Lloyd doesn't want to be thought of as immature and lies about moving into a big mango.


Episode 8 - Sticky Situation

Animated series. Lloyd sets off to prove that he can do the simplest things without the help of Abacus, only to end up blundering into a series of disasters.


Episode 9 - Smoothie Operator

Cornea invites Lloyd and his family to dinner, but they can't stomach Cornea's cooking. They try a series of bizarre ways to avoid eating the food without offending their host.


Episode 10 - Berry Caring

Animated series. When Lloyd finds out that Berry is volunteering for the stretcher service to help unfortunate flies, he sets out to rescue flies and care for them.


Episode 11 - The Great Tidying

Animated series. Lloyd doesn't believe in Catastrophe Jim's prophecies of doom and The Great Tidying until they, Abacus and PB are sucked into a howling void.


Episode 12 - A Fridge Too Far

Animated series. Lloyd is incensed when Berry brings his parents fruit fresh from the fridge - if anyone's going to raid the fridge for his parents, it's him!


Episode 13 - Lloyd the Fearless

Animated series. Cornea has heard of a spooky new attraction... the dark realm of Backov Zofar, which is in the sofa. Will Lloyd be too scared by it?


Episode 14 - Knock Knock

Animated series. Lloyd and Abacus' friendship is tested when they find a chrysalis and can't agree on what to do with it - can they come up with an answer?


Episode 15 - Gummy Goes Off

Animated series. When Bob's best friend Gummy goes missing, Lloyd and Abacus take on the task of finding him... which is only right as they lost him originally!


Episode 16 - A Friend for Dinner

Animated series. Lloyd always has Abacus over for dinner, so PB persuades Malcolm and Gena to invite Julie the Spider too... as long as she doesn't eat them.


Episode 17 - Caterpillar World

Animated series. Lloyd's plans with Abacus are ruined when he must go on a trip that PB is excited about, but it soon turns into a trip neither expected.


Episode 18 - Maggotball

Animated series. PB has heard that there's a blob of peanut butter on the kitchen counter, but Lloyd's supposed to be maggotsitting - can he avoid missing out?


Episode 19 - Fly Out of Time

Animated series. Lloyd, PB and Abacus discover a fly from the past that has been frozen in an ice cube - they free him, but his gratitude soon gets out of hand.


Episode 20 - Cool Lloyd

Animated series. When Lloyd discovers that Abacus and PB have been invited to a party without him, he decides that he will throw a party that will be superior to it.


Episode 21 - Double Glazed and Confused

Animated series. Can anyone save Lloyd when he gets his head wedged between the two panes of a double-glazed window?


Episode 22 - Flyweight

Animated series. PB sets Lloyd up in a fight with Dotty's brother Freckles, but it soon emerges that Freckles is not the weak opponent Lloyd expected...


Episode 23 - Pull My Leg

Animated series. When Lloyd finds a discarded leg behind the washing machine, he is mistakenly declared a hero and is unable to resist the praise.


Episode 24 - The Wasp Sting

Animated series. Lloyd finds an entire sweetie, but when he can't move it on his own, he reluctantly leaves it in the care of a passing wasp.


Episode 25 - Lloyd's Web

Animated series. Lloyd becomes trapped in the web of Petrichor, a hungry spider - fortunately, Petrichor is very chatty, so Lloyd tries to talk his way out.


Episode 26 - Llerd the Fly

Animated series. When the newsstand has a new comic in stock featuring a character based on Lloyd, he sets out to uncover the identity of its mysterious author.


Episode 27 - Theatre Bug

Animated series. Malcolm has a new 'home theatre' - a literal small theatre run by a troupe of flea actors - but Lloyd 'breaks' it when he offends one of the actors.


Episode 28 - Lost Louse

Animated series. When Lloyd disproves a myth by meeting a real head louse called Titchy, he's torn between proving her existence or returning her to Biggo's head.


Episode 29 - Big Lloyd

Animated series. When Malcolm and Gena's oldest son - who is also called Lloyd - comes home for a visit - Big Lloyd soon threatens to stay for good with Little Lloyd.


Episode 30 - The Big Stink

Animated series. Lloyd meets a young stink bug called Chuck and sees a chance for a harmless prank to get back at Berry with a little stink, but the plan backfires...


Episode 31 - So Thin Skinned

Animated series. When Abacus' attendance at his dad's party is put in doubt when he moults early, Lloyd promises to look after Abacus in his vulnerable state.


Episode 32 - Lloyd of the Pests

Animated series. Against her better judgement, Queen Libby accepts Lloyd's offer to find a pest that has taken food from the colony and left the larvae hungry.


Episode 33 - Hotpocalypse

Animated series. Lloyd's insistence that 'hotter' equals 'happier' is put to the test when Biggo puts a pizza on that causes a heatwave behind the oven.


Episode 34 - Senseless

Animated series. When Lloyd starts behaving very oddly, his family start to suspect that something may be wrong with his senses.


Episode 35 - Day of the Bird

Animated series. When a bird on the loose indoors sends everyone into hiding, Lloyd gets separated from Abacus and finds it hard to do nothing and just wait it out.


Episode 36 - The Long Walk

Animated series. When Lloyd sprains his wing at the far side of the Biggo house, it proves a very long journey back for Abacus as he is there to walk Lloyd through it.


Episode 37 - Glass Half Full

Animated series. When Lloyd is trapped in an upside-down glass by Biggo with Ricotta the wasp and Julie the spider, both of Lloyd's fellow captives soon get hungry.


Episode 38 - No Grape Like Home

Animated series. Having had enough of chores, Lloyd moves in with Abacus, but living with his best friend is not the life of endless fun that Lloyd imagined...


Episode 39 - Crabbie Spindles

Animated series. When a crab spider parachutes into his life, Lloyd decides to raise her as a vegetarian and single-handedly change fly-spider relationships!


Episode 40 - This Tall

Animated series. There is an exciting new Ghost Coaster inside the sofa, but when Lloyd, PB and Abacus are too short to go on it, Lloyd devises a plan to get them on.


Episode 41 - Dolichovsky for Dad

Animated series. As an anniversary treat, Gena has booked a private performance by Malcolm's favourite actor, but the star proves more demanding than expected.


Episode 42 - Flight Awareness

Animated series. After he causes a mid-flight collision, Lloyd must attend a 'flight awareness' course run by Molly - if he refuses, he risks being grounded!


Episode 43 - Indoor Survival

An animated series about a young fly with a lot to prove. Having written a book on the subject, Gena agrees to train Lloyd in how to survive outdoors, but Lloyd is disappointed to discover that all the training is to take place indoors.


Episode 44 - Hide and Seek

Animated series. When Abacus is targeted by The Louse Hunter - a ruthless louse spider who loves the thrill of the hunt - Lloyd steps up to protect his best friend.


Episode 45 - Noisy Neighbour

An animated series about a young fly with a lot to prove. After staying up all night playing Bluebottle Battle, Lloyd is unable to sleep when Molly and Polly's house-sitter - a cricket called Buddy - starts making music next door.


Episode 46 - Dare You

An animated series about a young fly with a lot to prove. Lloyd and Berry get locked into a game of escalating dares, but when Berry dares Lloyd to land on Biggo's hand, the stakes get higher than either of them are ready for...


Episode 47 - Lloyd the Outvoted

Animated series. Lloyd tries to hang out with PB and her friends Dotty and Freckles while Abacus is on holiday, but he finds them less willing to do as he wants.


Episode 48 - The Chrysalist

Animated series. When Mr Wiggley runs out of ideas for a list of fun things to do before he becomes a butterfly, Lloyd is happy to help and join in with it.


Episode 49 - Blue Fly

Animated series. Lloyd feels surprisingly good after drinking some bin juice and tries to promote it as a new health-giving elixir, but things get out of hand quickly.


Episode 50 - A Little Voice Inside

Animated series. Lloyd thinks he's developed a very vocal conscience after accidentally swallowing a dust mite named Alvi, but the truth is quite different...


Episode 51 - Nutbum

Animated series. When Nutbum the tardigrade turns up making frantic efforts to get Lloyd to do something, Lloyd does whatever he can to translate what he's saying.


Episode 52 - Goodbye Abacus

Animated series. Excitement turns to sadness when Lloyd discovers that his family's move to a whole new Biggo house means that he'll never see Abacus again.



Season 1

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