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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 -

A new group of singletons head to a villa in South Africa to enjoy some fun and frolics in the sun. Who will win the heart of a fellow contestant and take home 50,000 pounds?


Episode 2 -

The boys are excited with the arrival of the twins and take them aside to get to know them better. Shaughna isn't impressed with the attention the boys are giving the twins.


Episode 3 -

The twins choose who they want to couple up with. Jess picked Callum – taking him from Shaughna and Eve picked Mike - taking him from Leanne, the guys head out for their first double date.


Episode 4 -

Callum is getting pressure from Shaughna and Eve to decide who he likes – but he doesn’t want to be pushed into a decision and isn’t ready to commit to anyone yet.


Episode 5 -

Two new boys enter the villa, but before they do, they get to take two girls each for a date. Connagh’s first choice is Sophie and Finley picks Siannise.


Episode 6 -

Things are hotting up in the South African sun. Callum is trying to win Shaughna over and makes her breakfast. Sophie is getting frustarted with Connor as he seems to constantly need reassurance.


Episode 7 - Unseen Bits 1

Join Iain Stirling as he reveals new and exclusive unseen footage, as the islanders embark on the search for love during their first few days in sizzling South Africa.


Episode 8 -

The games continue and this time the islanders are set a couples challenge, Knowing Me Knowing You – to see how well they know their partner, but which couple will come out on top!


Episode 9 -

The temperature's rising as Love Island continues, and tonight there are plenty more surprises in store. As ever, nothing is quite what it seems in paradise. Connagh is trying to impress Sophie by making her breakfast.


Episode 10 -

Right now, nobody wants to go home.There is a new girl in the villa, are heads starting to turn? Shaughna tells Mike she’s stressed about losing Callum.


Episode 11 -

It's been another dramatic day in paradise for the Islanders as they quickly learn that the path to finding true love isn't a smooth one. Mike and Shaughna make up after he was annoyed she picked him out as the biggest game player in the villa.


Episode 12 -

It's the end of week two on Love Island and our sexy singles are having the time of their lives in paradise. Connagh and Rebecca are both giddy having just shared a kiss. The news soon spreads round the other islanders.


Episode 13 -

The viewers voted for Siannise and Jess to go on dates with new boys Luke T and Justin Bieber look alike Luke M. It's time for a re-coupling but this time it's the girls turn to pick!


Episode 14 - Unseen Bits 2

Leanne has an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction while she’s creeping round the villa with Sophie trying to spy on Siannise and Connagh.


Episode 15 -

Connagh has just been dumped from the island. In the re-coupling Siannise wanted to pick new Luke T but Rebecca beat her to it.


Episode 16 -

As a result of the public vote either Sophie or Connor will be dumped from the island – and the other islanders have to choose which one of them they want to save.


Episode 17 -

Leanne tells Mike she's no longer interested in him and Sophie admits to Wallace that she is cautious about moving on from Connor. In the beach hut Nas tells the beach hut he is excited about getting to know Demi.


Episode 18 -

Rebecca takes Luke T for a chat, she says she doesn’t know what’s going on and he hasn’t had the respect to tell her that he has started liking Siannise. There's another re-coupling in the villa tonight and this time it's the boys turn to pick.


Episode 19 -

Another islander must leave the villa and this time it's one of the girls. Mike has to pick between Sophie and Leanne and chooses Leanne to leave the villa.


Episode 20 -

Nas gets a text announcing that each couple must vote for the two couples that are the least compatible.


Episode 21 - Unseen Bits 3

Another package of all the exclusive action from another action-packed week in the villa. Iain Stirling dishes out new clips featuring all of your favourite islanders. There's no better way to spend a cold Saturday evening.


Episode 22 -

Mike gets a text saying they will play Snog, Marry, Pie. The girls ask Jess who she will choose and she thinks it is an awkward time but isn’t feeling it with Luke M.


Episode 23 -

The boys are off to Casa Amor, the question is will anyone's head be turned?


Episode 24 -

Callum talks to the boys about how much he likes Molly and thinks they may even share a bed. Over in the girls villa Shaughna is trying to prepare herself for the worst and the girls question what the new girls are like.


Episode 25 -

In the beach hut Nas says he is thinking of Demi but not missing her. Callum and Molly are getting to know each other more and Nas tells Eva that he finds her attractive. Jess says she wants to be invested in someone and thinks she can trust Ched.


Episode 26 -

It's judgement day for the islanders, who will decide whether to stick or twist? Callum and Molly share a kiss and he tells the boys he hasn't felt like this in years.


Episode 27 -

Tensions are on the rise as the boys are back from Casa Amour and it's time to face the music. Callum has arrived back with Molly, he says he has gone with his heart.


Episode 28 - Unseen Bits 4

Another package of all the exclusive action from another action-packed week in the villa. Iain Stirling dishes out new clips featuring all of your favourite islanders. Siannise suggests doing some salsa and she teaches the islanders how to dance.


Episode 29 -

The drama continues in the villa as the Islander's realise that nothing is ever that simple in paradise. Molly and Shaughna leave the Villa and have a catch up about what has happened in the last few days and how Shaughna now feels about Callum.


Episode 30 -

Things aren't going well for Luke T and Paige has just agreed to be Finn’s girlfriend. Mike And Pricilla are getting on well and suggest even going on a date when they get back home!


Episode 31 -

Rebecca and Jordan have just been dumped from the island and another couple closely follow.There's a new boy in the Villa and after taking some of the girls on dates has someone's head already been turned?


Episode 32 -

Demi chats to Jamie and she thanks him for the date. Jamie says he can see Luke M is a bit paranoid. The islanders receive a text and it's time for the "News Splash" challenge.


Episode 33 -

The mood in the villa is low after the News Splash challenge. Priscilla tells Molly and Natalia that she wants to give Mike the benefit of the doubt.


Episode 34 -

It's the day of love, but for some of our Islanders it could be a day of heartbreak. As the penultimate week draws to a close, has Cupid shot his arrow?


Episode 35 - Unseen Bits 5

This programme includes a weekly round-up of everything that has been happening in the villa over the past week. Luke T asks Siannise to be his girlfriend. In the Beach Hut Bonanza the islanders are asked for their worst DM slide.


Episode 36 -

Luke T and Siannise decide to make things official and Natalia and Jamie share their first kiss. Later Luke T gets a text saying each couple must vote for two couples they think are the least compatible.


Episode 37 -

The islanders have just found out which couples have been voted the least compatible and some of the islanders are not happy. Everyone in the Villa is woken up by crying babies and some people are more keen than others at the task ahead!


Episode 38 -

The saved islanders have to choose whether to save Callum and Molly or Mike and Priscilla. The couples discuss and are torn between the two couples. It's not long till the final and the Islanders are all off on their final dates!


Episode 39 -

There's not long left in the Villa but which couple's will make it to the final? It’s the Love Island talent night and Mike kicks it off by playing the drums. Priscilla shows off her dance moves and Luke M plays guitar.


Episode 40 -

The islanders wake up and Jess and Ched wake up in the hideaway. Siannise and Luke T say it feels wonderful to be in love. Siannise gets a text and it's time for the islanders families to visit the villa!


Episode 41 - Unseen Bits 6

Join Iain Stirling as he brings you mountains of unseen clips and exclusive action as things heat up during the final week in the Love Island villa.


Episode 42 - Final

It's finally here, Laura Whitmore hosts the Love Island final live from the villa in Cape Town. The remaining four couples get ready for the final, Laura joins them for a drink and they head out of the villa to join the audience.


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