Mythic Quest Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Pilot

As the hit video game Mythic Quest prepares to launch its newest update, creator Ian Grimm obsesses over a seemingly minor detail.


Episode 2 - The Casino

Brad takes the day off to prove a point, leaving Poppy and David to keep the game afloat. Dana and Rachel have a girls’ night in.


Episode 3 - Dinner Party

The development team must take decisive action when the internet discovers a dark group of gamers congregating in Mythic Quest.


Episode 4 - The Convention

When Pootie_Shoe announces that he’s no longer playing Mythic Quest, the team needs to find a new star streamer to promote it.


Episode 5 - A Dark Quiet Death

From inception to demise, the life cycle of video game Dark Quiet Death.


Episode 6 - Non-Player Character

Poppy steps out for a meeting and Mythic Quest headquarters descends into chaos.


Episode 7 - Permadeath

Ian challenges a hacker to an epic in-game showdown.


Episode 8 - Brendan

As Poppy weighs a difficult decision, Ian whisks her away on a mysterious road trip.


Episode 9 - Blood Ocean

Season finale. With his workforce unionizing, Ian faces a looming departure, the game’s future, and the meaning of two words: Blood Ocean.


Episode 10 - Quarantine

Special episode. As the MQ staff works from home, Poppy struggles with solitude while Brad and David start a charitable competition.


Episode 11 - Everlight

Special episode. The team returns to the office for their annual Everlight party. Poppy and Ian rig a LARP tournament in an underdog’s favor.



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