Shining Vale Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Chapter One - Welcome to Casa De Phelps

The dysfunctional Phelps family moves into a haunted house.


Episode 2 - Chapter Two - She Comes At Night

While Terry confronts a demon from his past, Pat finds a clue leading to the identity of the Fifties housewife who keeps appearing to her.


Episode 3 - Chapter Three - The Yellow Wallpaper

Pat (COURTENEY COX) finally finds her muse.


Episode 4 - Chapter Four - So Much Blood

Terry makes a work decision that will come back to haunt him.


Episode 5 - Chapter Five - The Squirrel Knew

Gaynor (GUS BIRNEY) learns a secret about her mother.


Episode 6 - Chapter Six - Whispering Hope

This week an all new episodes of Shining Vale.


Episode 7 - Chapter Seven – Impertinent Questions

Pat's deal with Rosemary might be more than she asked for.


Episode 8 - Chapter Eight - We Are Phelps

In the season finale, the shocking end of Pat's book is revealed, while the Phelps family fights for their souls - both together and individually!



Season 1

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