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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Attack

The president of the French Republic is a victim of an attack. Simon Kapita goes to his bedside.


Episode 2 - The Candidate

With the funeral of the President barely over, the election campaign begins.


Episode 3 - Aiming for the Centre

The Republic is in turmoil since the assassination of the president. In the corridors of power, the fighting is bitter.


Episode 4 - The Witness

The campaign is in full swing with one week to go until the first round of the presidential election.


Episode 5 - The Rally

The first round of the presidential election is over. Anne must now ensure that Deleuvre endorses her candidacy.


Episode 6 - Betrayals

Between blackmail, betrayals and last minute alliances, anything goes in the final race at the Elysee.



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