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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Accident

One year after defeating Anne for the presidency, Alain Marjorie faces personal and political crises.


Episode 2 - The War of Nerves

Philippe, head of the opposition, tables a motion of censure to overthrow the government.


Episode 3 - Hostages

The president falls ill and is hospitalised at Val-de-Grâce.


Episode 4 - The Devil's Spoon

With the president still very weak, the Algerian army's rescue attempts endanger the lives of the hostages.


Episode 5 - Blackmail

L'Élysée discovers that Bakian is a traitor and that he is negotiating on behalf of the terrorists.


Episode 6 - Exercising Power

Ludovic discovers that it was Marjorie Elizabeth whose driving caused the accident and the death of her lover.



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