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3:05 pm - 4:05 pm | Sunday 1st September



Season 4, Episode 4

This week Alex and Steph are in Milton Keynes to meet the Howarth family - one of our biggest spending families to date. Finance analyst Catherine and engineer Richard have two children, four-year-old Jonah and two-year-old Sophia. A lack of time management means the family has slid into some bad shopping habits, often buying two or three of the same household items. From tablets to cameras, irons to hairdryers, they even have two washing machines, two microwaves and two ovens, all because they think it's more convenient and 'common sense'! The family has recently completed a large house extension and renovation project, and it's come at a cost, leaving them with credit card debt that they are desperate to pay off. Can Alex and Steph get this doubling-up duo to rein in their spending and get on top of their debt?


Audio - Stereo
Language - English
Original Broadcast/Premiere - 2019


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