Cold Feet Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Untitled

The gang are reunited when Adam returns to Manchester after years spent working abroad.


Episode 2 - Untitled

A dads and lads trip to the match doesn’t go quite according to plan.


Episode 3 - Untitled

David is woken by the police and soon finds himself under arrest.


Episode 4 - Untitled

David's wife turns against him, and Jenny's facade finally begins to slip.


Episode 5 - Untitled

Adam tries to bond with his son while Jenny is shocked when an old flame turns up at work.


Episode 6 - Untitled

Karen's plan to go it alone pays off. Pete's world falls apart when Chloe rejects him.


Episode 7 - Untitled

Adam begins to have feelings for Tina. Can David sink any lower?


Episode 8 - Untitled

Tina organises a surprise party for Adam that turns out to be very eventful indeed.


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