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Episode 1 - June 1842

With the arrival of new residents, in particular a young, handsome unmarried Doctor, the womenfolk of Cranford are sparkling with anticipation. But are they really ready for the changes that are about to descend upon them? Matty Jenkyns and her older, stricter sister Debora are particularly excited as a new house guest and neighbours arrive. When Jem, the local carpenter, falls from a tree, all eyes are upon on the new doctor and his untested modern methods.


Episode 1 - Episode 1

Miss Matty's house is full of life and bustle. Her dream of having a child in the house has been realised in the birth of Tilly, daughter of her maid Martha and carpenter Jem. Elsewhere, the shadow of the railway still looms, but the line has been halted five miles outside Cranford. As Lady Ludlow waits for her son Septimus to return from Italy, Harry Gregson is sent away to school. Meanwhile, Miss Matty becomes concerned about Peggy Bell who lives in an isolated cottage with her mother and domineering brother, Edward.


Episode 2 - Episode 2

Defying his father, William finds a job with Captain Brown working on the railway that is making its way into the heart of Cranford. Meanwhile, Harry disappears from school. The ladies have high expectations of the pending visit of Lady Glenmire, but all does not go to plan. As Peggy and William are separated, a surprise wedding causes a fracture in friendships and, when tragedy strikes, Miss Matty feels she is to blame and fears that Cranford will never recover.


Episode 2 - August 1842

A visitor to Cranford brings joy and hope to Jessie Brown. Meanwhile, Mr Carter oversees preparations for Lady Ludlow's garden party. It turns out to be a day that Cranford will never forget. Miss Matty is very shaken when she unexpectedly meets someone from her past. Shock and panic erupt after some eavesdropping unveils startling news which threatens to rip through the heart of Cranford and change it forever.


Episode 3 - November 1842

A theft from the Doctor's house and an attack on Mr Johnson spread panic and the fear of an imminent crime wave. Suspicion and mistrust ripple through Cranford and Miss Pole resorts to desperate measures to safeguard her treasures! To save his father, Harry is forced to make a formidable decision, thereby putting himself in danger. In these uncertain times, the ladies cluster together for Christmas.


Episode 4 - April 1843

A maze of misunderstandings leads the ladies of Cranford astray as May Day brings hopes of love into many hearts. Miss Tomkinson's ambiguous conversation with the young doctor sets in motion a disastrous train of events. Will he be able to survive the turmoil that results and secure the affections of the one he loves? Meanwhile, Miss Matty is forced to face up to some life-changing news. Will she be able to keep it a secret for long in Cranford?


Episode 5 - May 1843

Dr Harrison finds both his career and his reputation ruined, and his courtship destroyed. Miss Matty receives devastating news, but the true values of Cranford's friendships become apparent as the ladies secretly rally to help. Miss Galindo and Mr Carter's friendship strengthens as they are forced to face up to the true tragedy of Hanbury. But will Miss Galindo be able to help Mr Carter carry out his wishes? And who will be able to adapt to change?



Season 1

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