DuckTales (Shorts) Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Donald

The family celebrates Donald's birthday.


Episode 2 - Webby

Webby hunts for hidden treasure.


Episode 3 - Beakley

It's just another day at the McDuck mansion.


Episode 4 - Scrooge

Scrooge and Louie tussle with a mysterious clock.


Episode 5 - Huey

Huey goes camping.


Episode 6 - Launchpad

A heartfelt note from Launchpad McQuack.


Episode 7 - The World's Longest Deathtrap! Part 1

Dewey and Webby fall into a death trap.


Episode 8 - The World's Longest Deathtrap! Part 2

Louie tries to help Dewey and Webby.


Episode 9 - The World's Longest Deathtrap! Part 3

Launchpad tries to save the kids.


Episode 10 - The World's Longest Deathtrap! Part 4

Huey looks for a solution.


Episode 11 - The World's Longest Deathtrap! Part 5

The kids make their final attempt to escape.


Episode 12 - Dewey Dew-Night!: The Sidekick

Dewey attempts to interview Webby.


Episode 13 - Dewey Dew-Night!: The Interview

Dewey interviews Manny and tries to get likes.


Episode 14 - Dewey Dew-Night!: Will It Crash???

Launchpad attempts to crash everything.


Episode 15 - Dewey Dew-Night!: Bedtime

Dewey’s big finale.



Season 1

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