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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 -

Vick Hope discovers how dust can combust, Sam Homewood shows how quick he can be on a khazi, and Frankie Vu asks how a cupcake can catch a thief.


Episode 2 -

The show that asks questions beginning with How. The team discover how to change your hair quickly, how colourful a dump is, and how robots can cause a riot.


Episode 3 -

Vick, Sam and Frankie attend a red carpet solo cinema experience and discover how to drink dino wee, and things get hairy when they learn how to survive a massive shock.


Episode 4 -

Join the team in the HOW Hub as Vick shows how cream can catch you out, Frankie discovers how salt can destroy a tank, Sam explains just how you can eat a mouldy sandwich, and Head of HOW Fred Dinenage asks the team how it's possible to sculpt sand.


Episode 5 -

Join Frankie, Vick and Sam as they ask how bling 'wind' can be, how long an egg is, how a tornado can toast a marshmallow, and learn how a sheet can stitch you up.


Episode 6 -

Sam, Frankie and Vick ask how pants a cannon is, how showbiz a sandwich is, how creative a cup is, and blow up a work of art for Head of HOW Fred Dinenage.


Episode 7 -

Join Sam, Frankie and Vick as they discover how a car can scratch your back, are shown how to shake a sundae, and go large in Head of HOW Fred Dinenage's challenge.


Episode 8 -

Frankie Vu and Vick Hope ask how a can can do the cancan, Sam Homewood shows a slick idea to store your stationery, and there's a hair-raising final challenge.


Episode 9 -

Sam Homewood shows how a tattoo can be 'armless', Frankie Vu explains how a buffoon can play the bassoon with a balloon, and Vick Hope asks how you can live forever.


Episode 10 -

Frankie Vu shows how to drink from an umbrella, Doctor HOW shows off ultimate pumpkin carving, and Vick Hope introduces the team to a clever illusion to hide numbers.



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