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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Farewell The Sea

Kids' animated series - a year after Nya's sacrifice, the Ninjas reunite to investigate vengestone smuggling and the appearance of a team of new Ninjas.


Episode 2 - The Call of Home

After rescuing a drowning sailor, Nya meets a fellow water-elemental and comes up with a plan to regain her humanity.


Episode 3 - The Shape of Nya

The Ninjas investigate the vengestone operation but end up fighting each other after a humiliating rescue by the New Ninjas.


Episode 4 - A Mayor Problem

When the Mayor refuses to release Aspheera from Kryptarium Prison, the Ninjas go undercover to free the villain themselves.


Episode 5 - Public Enemy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The Ninjas attempt a high-speed heist to retrieve Aspheera's magical staff, but a run-in with the New Ninjas exposes their secret.


Episode 6 - A Painful Promise

The Ninjas ward off the new Ninjas to buy time while Aspheera returns Nya to human form, but a new villain plots trouble for Ninjago.


Episode 7 - Ninjago City vs Ninja

Animated series. The Ninjas are imprisoned, and Lloyd receives a mysterious masked visitor with a cryptic warning from the Crystal King.


Episode 8 - Kryptarium Prison Blues

Animated series. The Ninjas run into an old enemy in prison and attempt to thwart his escape, and Nya finds new hope in an old mech.


Episode 9 - Hounddog McBrag

Animated series. Nya - in the form of Samurai X - helps the Ninjas escape, but Hounddog McBrag, Ninjago's toughest marshal, is hot on their trail.


Episode 10 - The Benefit of Grief

Animated series. A hopeful singer headed to Ninjago City helps Kai, Zane and Dareth evade Hounddog McBrag, and Zane learns the value of emotions.


Episode 11 - The Fifth Villain

Animated series. The Ninjas regroup at Twitchy's gas station and escape Hounddog McBrag's capture with a plan to infiltrate the Council of the Crystal King.


Episode 12 - The Council of the Crystal King

Animated series. Lloyd travels in disguise to a hidden temple where he joins the Council of the Crystal King and learns Kabuki Mask's true identity.


Episode 13 - A Sinister Shadow

Animated series. Harumi tells Lloyd how she survived and became the herald of the Crystal King - Lloyd learns her plan for Ninjago but is powerless to stop her.


Episode 14 - The Spider's Design

Animated series. The Ninjas search for Lloyd and walk right into Harumi's trap as Lloyd falls victim to her manipulation.


Episode 15 - The Fall of the Monastery

Animated series. The Ninjas search for an escape while Master Wu and the others defend the Weapons of Spinjitzu from the Council of the Crystal King.


Episode 16 - Darkness Within

Animated series. Nya rescues the Ninjas as Samurai X, but Harumi's plan for the Weapons of Spinjitzu is already in motion.


Episode 17 - The Coming of the King

Animated series. Lloyd escapes from the Crystal Temple with the help of an unlikely ally as both the Crystal King and the Ninjas prepare for battle.


Episode 18 - Return to Primeval's Eye

Animated series. The Ninjas retrieve the Destiny's Bounty and race to rescue Lloyd as he evades capture in the jungle below the Crystal Temple.


Episode 19 - Crystastrophe

Animated series. The Ninjas fight back against the Crystal King's army as Lloyd and Master Wu trace a clue back to an unlikely ally.


Episode 20 - Christofern

Animated series. Lloyd and Master Wu listen to Garmadon's recent journey of self-improvement and find a clue they need in the fight against the Crystal King.


Episode 21 - A Lesson in Anger

Animated series. Garmadon trains Lloyd to use the new Oni Form, but the Ninjas resort to another strategy as the Crystal King's forces reach Ninjago.


Episode 22 - Brave But Foolish

Animated series. The Ninjas launch an assault through Ninjago City in their upgraded vehicles, but the Crystal King unleashes a new source of power to stop them.


Episode 23 - Quittin' Time!

Animated series. Master Wu takes shelter with an unlikely resistance while Nya and Jay escape the wreckage of the Destiny's Bounty with a plan to find help.


Episode 24 - Return of the Ice Emperor

Animated series. Pixal takes Zane to Borg Tower for repairs with the help of unlikely allies, and Lloyd shows an old enemy what it means to be a hero.


Episode 25 - Safe Haven

Animated series. Kai and Cole avoid capture and bring new hope to the resistance as Lloyd and Garmadon search for the missing Serpentine.


Episode 26 - Compatible

Animated series. The Ninjas reach out to allies across Ninjago as Pixal prepares for the coming battle at Borg Tower.


Episode 27 - Distress Calls

Animated series. Racer 7 escorts Cole across Ninjago City to send for help, and Lloyd gives Garmadon a chance to prove that he has changed.


Episode 28 - An Issue of Trust

Animated series. The Ninjas prepare to make their last stand as the Crystal Army closes in, and Lloyd and Garmadon take the fight to the Crystal King.


Episode 29 - Dragon Form

Animated series. Lloyd and Garmadon face the Crystal King as the Ninjas strike back at their enemy with old allies and new powers.


Episode 30 - Roots

Animated series. The Ninjas show their true potential and perform a selfless act to save Ninjago from the Crystal King.



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