Love/Hate Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 -

Darren skipped Dublin when a gun was found in his house and he’s been living for the past year in Spain. But he's homesick and a party for his brother's release from prison is the perfect excuse to go home.


Episode 2 -

Darren is tracking Jimmy Byrne, the chief suspect in the gangland killing. But in the meantime he needs to work and he soon finds himself slipping back into working for gangland boss John Boy Power.


Episode 3 -

As Darren grows closer to uncovering the truth, tensions and suspicions rise among the gang. Darren in particular faces difficult decisions about his feelings for Rosie, his future and his loyalties. Are things about to spiral out of control?


Episode 4 -

As Nidge and Trish's wedding day arrives, gangwar is breaking out. John Boy and Hughie generate new plans and new recruits. Who will be with them?


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