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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Rocky Eight and a Half

Arthur uses all his persuasive powers to cajole a reluctant Terry into donning his boxing gloves once more, and Dirty Harry lives up to his name.


Episode 2 - Senior Citizen Caine

Arthur's ambition to own a Rolls Royce is jeopardised when Terry has to protect a widowed garage owner.


Episode 3 - High Drains Pilferer

Terry has the misfortune to be driving for mobster Micky the Fish when his mistress's jewellery is stolen.


Episode 4 - Sorry Pal, Wrong Number

Drama series about the shady dealings of a loveable rogue. Arthur's new gambling venture involves Terry taking on the prestigious task of guarding three public telephone boxes.


Episode 5 - The Car Lot Baggers

When an unscrupulous builder wants a piece of land occupied by a friend of Arthur's, he hires some thugs to put the frighteners on - and tries to blame travellers.


Episode 6 - If Money Be the Food of Love, Play On

Both Terry and Arthur are captivated by an Australian girl who claims to be searching for her long-lost boyfriend - but what is her real motive?


Episode 7 - A Star Is Gorn

When a rock star fakes his own death, Arthur finds himself in possession of a valuable master tape that has every chance of becoming a 'posthumous' hit.


Episode 8 - Willesden Suite

Terry's job as security for the local Rotary Club offers Arthur a chance to gain some much-needed respectability when he is invited to speak at a function.


Episode 9 - Windows

Arthur plans to become a major player in the fitness industry, and Terry gets involved with two Italian families when one of the daughters walks out on her husband.


Episode 10 - Get Daley

Arthur heads to hospital for a minor operation, but he's not safe there, as an illegal bookie is looking for him.


Episode 11 - A Well Fashioned Fit-Up

When Terry and Arthur dip their toes into haute couture to look after a fashion collection for a buyer, only one of them ends up minding the frocks.


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