Murder Most Horrid Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Overkill

A woman attempting suicide in an hotel bedroom encounters an international hit woman.


Episode 2 - Lady Luck

A hairdresser is taken hostage by a bankrobber who forces her to drive him to Scotland.


Episode 3 - A Severe Case of Death

When old Dr Adams dies, Maud masquerades as his son to be a doctor in Victorian England.


Episode 4 - We All Hate Granny

A daughter plots to murder her mother for her money after her husband is made redundant.


Episode 5 - Mangez Merveillac

A travel writer finds a corner of France that nobody else has written about or visited.


Episode 6 - Smashing Bird

A 1960s East End getaway driver and his fiancée try to give up their life of crime.


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