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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Metamorph

Terror from a doomed planet, a planet of death, despite advanced scientific knowledge.


Episode 2 - The Exiles

Humans from another planet, frozen for 300 years, are recovered and revived.


Episode 3 - Journey To Where

The Alphans find that they have travelled back in time to 14th-century Scotland.


Episode 4 - One Moment of Humanity

The Alphans make contact with a planet of robot humans.


Episode 5 - Brian the Brain

The Alphans are hijacked by a robot, a living machine with a brain.


Episode 6 - New Adam New Eve

A saintly, impressive figure claims to be God, the creator of mankind.


Episode 7 - The Mark of Archanon

A geological survey below the Moon's surface reveals the existence of a metallic cabinet.


Episode 8 - The Rules of Luton

A grim fight for survival takes place on a planet of bizarre intelligent plants.


Episode 9 - All That Glisters

A battle for life with rock that pulsates with power, energy, intelligence and purpose.


Episode 10 - The Taybor

A larger-than-life trader from Hyper-space makes a remarkable appearance on the moon.


Episode 11 - Seed of Destruction

An ice-cold replica of Commander Koenig takes control of the Moon.


Episode 12 - The AB Chrysalis

A mystery planet declares war on the Moonbase.


Episode 13 - Catacombs of the Moon

Dr Helena Russell wages a desperate fight for the life of a girl.


Episode 14 - Space Warp

Eagle One gets lost in space and, as if that isn't enough, Moonbase Alpha has problems.


Episode 15 - A Matter of Balance

A member of Alpha's crew comes under the influence of an 'anti-matter' being.


Episode 16 - The Beta Cloud

A mystery illness strikes the Moon.


Episode 17 - The Lambda Factor

A pretty, young Alpha technician dies a horrible and unexplained death.


Episode 18 - The Bringers of Wonder (Part 1)

Everyone on Moonbase is electrified by the arrival of a spaceship from earth.


Episode 19 - The Bringers of Wonder (Part 2)

People from Earth have landed on Moonbase Alpha.


Episode 20 - The Seance Spectre

A new planet is sighted, but is it habitable?


Episode 21 - Dorzak

The alien craft requesting emergency assistance turns out to be a prison transport ship.


Episode 22 - Devil's Planet

Commander Koenig is forced to crash-land his Eagle on Entra, the moon of the planet Ellna.


Episode 23 - The Immunity Syndrome

Commander Koenig and the team find what appears to be an inhabitable planet.


Episode 24 - The Dorcons

The Dorcons demand that the Alphans hand Maya over to them.



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