The Undateables Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - James, Tammy and Tom

James goes on a date with Chloe and Tammy has first date nerves. As Tom prepares to meet with Megan, what will he reveal of his Tourette's and Asperger's?


Episode 2 - James, Lucas and Tom

James has a learning disability and hasn't had a girlfriend in 10 years, while Lucas has facial dysplasia and wants to conquer his fear of being rejected.


Episode 3 - George, David and Bethany

George, who is paralysed from the chest down, meets Nathalie, while magician David, who has a learning disability, goes on a first date with Claire.


Episode 4 - Holiday Romance

Some of the Undateables from previous shows embark on romantic adventures overseas, including Alex and Eloise in France, and Brent and Challis in Amsterdam.


Episode 5 - Wedding Bells

New. Steve worries that his Crouzon syndrome will spoil his wedding day, while Matthew plans to propose to Jessica, but fears his stammer will keep him from getting the words out.


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