The Producers

, Violence

Comedy Crime


A once-successful theatrical producer and a meek accountant team up and plot to stage a colossal, surefire Broadway flop as a way to bilk investors out of large sums of money. Writer-director Mel Brooks' screenplay won an Oscar; and Gene Wilder was nominated for Best Supporting Actor as the nebbishy bean counter. The film was later made into a Broadway musical and a big-screen songfest.

Mel Brooks
Anne Ives
Zale Kessler
Kenneth Mars
Nell Harrison
Anthony Gardell
Tucker Smith
Zero Mostel
Frank Campanella
Madelyn Cates
Arthur Rubin
Shimen Ruskin
John Zoller
Diana Eden
Bernie Allen
Amelie Barleon
Lee Meredith
Elsie Kirk
Andreas Voutsinas
Barney Martin
Gene Wilder
Renee Taylor
William Hickey
Rusty Blitz
Margery Beddow
Michael Davis
Christopher Hewett
Josip Elic
Mary Love
Frank Shaw
David Patch
Dick Shawn
David Evans
Estelle Winwood


Released 1968