CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


Crime Drama Crime




A respected Las Vegas icon is attacked in her home by an intruder wielding a razor. Later, he kills a woman while she goes through a car wash. The investigation reveals both victims harbored dark secrets they didn't want to become known.

Marg Helgenberger
Robert David Hall
Wallace Langham
Eric Szmanda
Jorja Fox
Laurence Fishburne
George Eads
Paul Guilfoyle
David Julian Hirsh
Larry Sullivan
Oscar B. Goodman
Laurie Fortier
Kris Lemche
Bryce Robinson
Mitchell Fink
Larry Mitchell
Liz Vassey
Emily Skinner
Jaime Alvarez
Daniel Browning Smith
David Berman
Anne Leighton


HDTV - 1080i
Dolby 5.1
Released 2010