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I can't remember my password

If you forget your password, simply go to Request a new password.


How do I change my email address or password?

To change your email address or password, simply log in and go to Profile Settings and enter your new details.


How do I Edit/Remove/Add Channels?

To change your channel lineup, simply log in (or register first if you're not a member) and go to My Channels.


How do I turn off Email alerts?

To turn off your email alerts for any particular show, simply go to Edit Reminders and select 'No Alert' from the 'Alert me' pulldown menu next to each show.


Can I print my schedule?

Print your schedule by going to your browser's print function. We do not offer special printer-friendly pages, so you will need to print the actual webpage.


How do I change my location or TV provider

To change your location and/or your TV service provider, simply log in and go to TV Provider.


How do I delete by account?

To delete your account, simply log in and go to Profile Settings and click the dark red "PLEASE DELETE MY ACCOUNT" button at the bottom of the page.


I don't like a specific TV show or channel

Unfortunately we can't help you. We are just a guide to TV - we do not decide what is broadcast on your TV. You should contact the channel or production company of the TV show.


For more site assistance, just contact us