Allegiance - Cast

Find out who is in the cast of Allegiance tonight


Lea Salonga
Also starred in: Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin , Yellow Rose , Les Miserables In Concert (25th Anniversary Edition)
George Takei
Also starred in: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier , Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country , Star Trek: The Motion Picture The Director’s Edition
Telly Leung
Also starred in: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Katie Rose Clarke
Michael K. Lee
Christòpheren Nomura
Greg Watanabe
Also starred in: Life Tastes Good
Darren Lee
Also starred in: Hackers
Rumi Oyama
Shea Renne
Scott Watanabe
Janelle Toyomi Dote
Aaron J. Albano
Momoko Sugai
Marcus Choi
Also starred in: Isn't It Romantic (2019) , Chicago P.D.
Elena Wang
Dan Horn
Scott Wise
Kevin Munhall

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