Swan Song - Cast

Find out who is in the cast of Swan Song tonight


Udo Kier
Also starred in: Surviving Christmas , End of Days , Downsizing
Jennifer Coolidge
Also starred in: The White Lotus , American Pie , Best In Show
Linda Evans
Also starred in: Tom Horn , The Gambler Part II: The Adventure Continues (Pt. 1) , The Gambler Part II: The Adventure Continues (Pt. 2)
Michael Urie
Also starred in: Ugly Betty , Shrinking , Project Runway All Stars
Roshon Thomas
Ira Hawkins
Also starred in: Law & Order
Annie Kitral
Also starred in: Bridge to Nowhere , Nightowls of Coventry , Love Finds You in Sugarcreek
Tom Bloom
Also starred in: Law & Order: Criminal Intent , Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Eric Eisenbrey
Dave Sorboro
Bryant Carroll
Also starred in: Blood on Her Name , The Enormity of Life , Weekend Warriors
Catherine Albers
Shanessa Sweeney
Ray Perrin
Shelby Garrett
Jonah Blechman
Also starred in: Flytrap , Another Gay Sequel , Another Gay Movie (Director's Cut)
Stephanie McVay
Also starred in: Edge of Seventeen , Another Gay Movie (Director's Cut) , Parks and Recreation
Thom Hilton
Li Cha De Shi Te Lao Si
Justin Lonesome
Rose Leininger
Also starred in: The Marksman (2021)
Cheryl Talley-Sharp
Tevis R. Marcum
Also starred in: Tale of Tails , Division 19 , War Flowers
Brandon Lim
Also starred in: Another Gay Sequel
Matthew Chojnacki
Tim Murray
Phaylen Fairchild
Barbie Marie
Ember Holiday Monroe

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