The Omega Man - Cast

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Charlton Heston
Also starred in: The Far Horizons , Ben Hur (1959) , Will Penny
Anthony Zerbe
Also starred in: The Dead Zone , Will Penny , The Parallax View
Rosalind Cash
Also starred in: General Hospital , Wrong Is Right , Uptown Saturday Night
Paul Koslo
Also starred in: Freebie and the Bean , The Gambler Part II: The Adventure Continues (Pt. 1) , The Gambler Part II: The Adventure Continues (Pt. 2)
Lincoln Kilpatrick
Also starred in: Uptown Saturday Night , Brother John , The Greatest American Hero
Eric Laneuville
Also starred in: Black Belt Jones , Sanford & Son
Jill Giraldi
Anna Aries
DeVeren Bookwalter
Also starred in: The Enforcer
John Dierkes
Also starred in: Oklahoma Crude , The Left Handed Gun , The Red Badge of Courage
Monika Henreid
Also starred in: Bad Company , Dead Ringer
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