The Wolf Man (1941)

The Wolf Man (1941) - Cast

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Lon Chaney, Jr.
Also starred in: Spider Baby , High Noon , Not As a Stranger
Claude Rains
Also starred in: Casablanca , Mr. Smith Goes to Washington , Lawrence of Arabia (Restored Version)
Ralph Bellamy
Also starred in: Pretty Woman , Rosemary's Baby , Oh, God!
Evelyn Ankers
Also starred in: The Ghost of Frankenstein , Son of Dracula , Sherlock Holmes and The Voice of Terror
Warren William
Also starred in: Imitation of Life (1934) , Passport to Suez , Satan Met a Lady
Patric Knowles
Also starred in: Band of Angels , The Devil's Brigade , How Green Was My Valley
Maria Ouspenskaya
Also starred in: Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man , Love Affair , I've Always Loved You
Bela Lugosi
Also starred in: Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man , The Ghost of Frankenstein , Mark of the Vampire
Fay Helm
Also starred in: Phantom Lady , That Brennan Girl , Son of Lassie
Forrester Harvey
Also starred in: Tarzan the Ape Man (1932) , The Painted Veil (1934) , Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
J. M. Kerrigan
Also starred in: The Fastest Gun Alive , Werewolf of London , Captains of the Clouds
Leyland Hodgson
Also starred in: Bedlam , The Two Mrs. Carrolls , The Ghost of Frankenstein
Kurt Katch
Also starred in: The Conspirators (1944) , Secret of the Incas , The Mask of Dimitrios
Doris Lloyd
Also starred in: The Time Machine (1960) , Phantom Lady , Tarzan the Ape Man (1932)
Olaf Hytten
Also starred in: The Black Swan , The Good Earth , The Ghost of Frankenstein
Harry Stubbs
Also starred in: Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man , The Mind Reader , The Mummy's Hand
Tom Stevenson
Also starred in: Mr. Skeffington , Till The Clouds Roll By
Eric Wilton
Also starred in: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1932)
Harry Cording
Also starred in: Mata Hari (1931) , San Antonio (1945) , The Ghost of Frankenstein
Ernie Stanton
Also starred in: The Case of the Black Parrot , Mr. Wong In Chinatown

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