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90 Day Fiance Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - For Your Eyes Only

Before their international mates arrive, the Americans must prepare. The anxiety is already high before each relationship's 90-day clock begins -- and in one case, before the decision to apply for the visa has even been made.


Episode 2 - You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

The journey begins for two couples. After a bad fight, Jorge wonders if he still has a fiance. Then, Nicole says goodbye to America and lands in Morocco to meet her fiance, Azan, in person for the first time ever.


Episode 3 - Meet the Family

Alla endures a tense meeting with Matt's family, and Pedro meets Chantel's parents, who think he's on a student visa. Then, Anfisa lays out her financial demands to Jorge, and Nicole may not be cut out for Moroccan culture.


Episode 4 - Life's a Beach

Matt and Alla go on a double date with Matt's skeptical friend, and Nicole travels to Azan's hometown to meet his family. Then, Pedro sees a new side of Chantel during a trip, and Anfisa comes face to face with Jorge's sister.


Episode 5 - Testing the Waters

Jorge reveals a secret to Anfisa, and Chantel and Pedro reveal their secret to a friend. Cultural differences cause trouble for Nicole and Azan, while Alla enjoys time away from Matt. Also, Narkyia's fiance, Lowo, catfished her.


Episode 6 - I Can See the Cracks

Nicole and Azan head to the desert, and Chantel has regrets while secretly shopping for a wedding dress without her mom. Then, Anfisa tries on a $45,000 gown, and Narkyia waits to hear from Lowo, who claims his phone was stolen.


Episode 7 - Time to Tell the Truth

Anfisa pursues her dream of becoming a model, and Nicole struggles to keep up with Azan on a romantic desert outing. Then, Chantel reveals her engagement to her family, Alla is homesick and Narkyia looks for a wedding dress.


Episode 8 - This Is What You Came For

Anfisa reveals her true intentions to Jorge, and Matt's mom dashes Alla's wedding dreams. Then, Nicole seeks outside advice about difficulties with Azan, and Chantel asks her brother for forgiveness.


Episode 9 - You're Gonna Miss Me

Nicole and Azan make a huge decision about their relationship, and Anfisa kicks Jorge out. Meanwhile, Chantel's parents issue an ultimatum, and Lowo waits on his paperwork in Vietnam.


Episode 10 - Foreign Fiance Confessions

Chantel and Pedro fight, and Anfisa pushes Jorge over the line. Then, Alla makes a shocking confession, and Lowo discovers that Narkyia still mistrusts him. Also, Nicole's family hears the ugly truth about the past five weeks.


Episode 11 - Are You Ready For This?

Anfisa and Jorge get closer to severing ties, while Chantel and Pedro argue about signing a pre-nup. Nicole’s mom begs her daughter to be reasonable. Lowo shocks Narkyia with news of their wedding. Matt and Alla prepare for their big day.


Episode 12 - Too Little Too Late

Chantel and Pedro head to the altar, and Jorge and Anfisa make the final decision about their rocky relationship. Then, Nicole gets devastating news about the K1 visa, and Narkyia discovers yet another Lowo lie.


Episode 13 - Speak Now or Hold Your Peace

Jorge and Anfisa have a blowout fight on the way to the altar, and Matt fears Patrick will object at his wedding. Then, Narkyia debates ending her relationship with Lowo, and Nicole has bad news for Azan.


Episode 14 - Tell All

The couples from Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance come together for a sit-down with Shaun Robinson to discuss all the drama of this past season and reveal what they're up to now.


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