A Haunting

A Haunting Season 11 Episodes

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Season 11 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Untouchable

After Linda returns from an overseas trip, paranormal events begin happening in the Dravis home. Ready to flee the home, Linda calls in the help of a clairvoyant as a last attempt to find answers to whom or what is haunting their home.


Episode 2 - Buried Secrets

"When a nefarious spirit lashes out at a Florida man, he delves into a rash of paranormal activity from his childhood to uncover the imminent threat behind a mysterious and deadly family curse."


Episode 3 - Masks of Terror

When a woman buys a set of Haitian masks to decorate her dream home, the voodoo spirit attached to the masks emerges to wreak havoc.


Episode 4 - Field of Ghosts

When a teenager with the "gift" finds herself the attention of restless spirits, she has to convince her family the ghosts are real before enlisting experts who can reveal who these spirits are and what they want with her.


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