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A Haunting Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Fear House

Unexplained noises and frightening visions force Steven LaChance and his three kids out of their rented house. But ominous nightmares send him back to help save the new occupants from the evil within.


Episode 2 - The Attic

Single mother Selena Warner is on a roll when she finds a new house and job, until she discovers her home is haunted by a man who suffered a tragic death. She and her sister think the ghost is harmless until they hear something lurking in the attic.


Episode 3 - Hidden Terror

After Mike Speranza and his girlfriend Lisa find the perfect fixer-upper in Corning, New York, Lisa suddenly finds herself in a dark depression. As Mike watches their relationship deteriorate, he realizes the evil spirits in the house must be stopped.


Episode 4 - The Unleashed

With a new job and a new place, Randy Ervin's life is on track, until he unearths an Indian burial ground. As the door opens to the dark side of the supernatural, he wonders if he's seeing things-until demons turn on his family and threaten their lives.


Episode 5 - A Haunting in Ireland

When Martha Fahey gives birth to a baby girl, her large family in Galway, Ireland, is suddenly plagued by eerie sounds, flying objects, and a mysterious orb. The Faheys must fight an invasion by a tormented soul to save their home of thirty years.


Episode 6 - The Forgotten

When April James, her fiancé Matt Brody, and April's two sons begin remodeling their home in Salt Lake City, it's not long before strange noises and violent apparitions force them out. Can a psychic clean house and banish the hidden evil forever?


Episode 7 - The Wheatsheaf Horror

The staff of an English pub discovers their building is haunted by the spirit of a mischievous little girl. Trying to contact her, they instead unleash the ghost of her killer, and must decide whether or not to risk their own lives to save her soul.


Episode 8 - The Possessed

Paranormal investigator Mary Vogel unknowingly encounters demons while investigating a case. Violent nightmares invade her mind by day and unseen entities attack her body by night. Thinking she's possessed, an exorcism is the only way to save her soul.


Episode 9 - The Presence

Something evil in the house is scaring Sarah Miller's children. After dealing on her own with her skeptic boyfriend and frayed senses, she calls a demonologist, who prepares a powerful ritual to expel the evil before it destroys the family from within.


Episode 10 - The Dark Side

As Bobby Wilcott and his wife renovate their historic manor house, they argue over flickering lights and doors that don't stay shut. Once they find their home was built on an old cemetery, experts say a demon is feeding on their fear.


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