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Episode 1 - Blood Visions

The Johnson family has found what they consider their perfect home in Michigan. But it turns out to be haunted, and a demon targets their son for possession. Only the power of prayer can restore peace and sanity.


Episode 2 - Angels and Demons

When a demon haunts the home of Maryland single Mom Kathie Sheats, psychics, priests and paranormal investigators fail to resolve the issue. Only Kathie herself can conquer the dark entity with the help of an angel.


Episode 3 - Nightmare in Bridgeport

When his mother's house is haunted by a demon, Connecticut paranormal investigator Bob Baker calls in colleagues and a Bishop for help. But when they fail to cleanse the home, it's up to Bob to do the job, using experience from his own haunted past.


Episode 4 - House of Horrors

The historic Allen House in Arkansas is haunted. Mark and Rebecca Spencer knew it when they bought it. They investigate the cause of the haunting, discover the home's secret past and a previous owner who committed suicide.


Episode 5 - Dark Dreams

Michigan attorney Chris Gibbons and his family move into their dream house ... which becomes a nightmare. A bizarre combination of terrifying dreams and ghost sightings force Chris to do battle with the supernatural.


Episode 6 - Nightmare Upstairs

When the VanLandingham family moves into an Arkansas home, their young daughters become the target of a supernatural attack by dark entities. After fruitless efforts by a Pastor and paranormal investigator, they decide to abandon their dream house fore


Episode 7 - Back From the Grave

North Carolina natives Jamie and Aaron live a perfect Southern lifestyle ... until a dark entity begins communicating with and terrifying their children. The family risks ridicule by neighbors and family when they call paranormal experts to the rescue.


Episode 8 - The Uninvited

Lynn and Jason Ryder purchase a historic Connecticut restaurant, only to be overwhelmed by forces of evil when employees and patrons are attacked. Investigators, mediums and clairvoyants are called in to rid the restaurant of its demonic past.


Episode 9 - The Exorcism of Cindy Sauer

Georgia single Mom Cindy Sauer tries to get over the sudden death of her husband when dark shadows and nightmares convince her that a demon is haunting her. Cindy turns to a Pastor to exorcise the entity before it drives them literally insane.


Episode 10 - Death's Door

Victoria Dane of New Mexico awakens from a near-death experience to discover she is being attacked by a dark, demonic entity. With the help of investigators, she soon realizes she has opened a door to a paranormal world that may never be shut.


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