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A Time to Kill Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - What Happened to Lauren?

A 27-year-old law student is reported missing, and when investigators later find a human torso in the trash can behind her apartment, it's undeniable that the two are related. Police in Macon, Georgia, must act fast to catch a cold-blooded killer.


Episode 2 - Cruel Intentions

A 30-year-old woman is reported missing by her concerned husband after she fails to report to work. When her abandoned car is found, traces of blood in the trunk indicate more than just a disappearance -- it's clear she has been murdered.


Episode 3 - Killer on the Roof

A former marine is gunned down in bed, and detectives believe the shots were fired from the roof outside his second-story window. When the investigators' focus turns to the victim's workplace, furious colleagues and scorned exes litter the suspect list.


Episode 4 - There Will Be Blood

A 63-year-old man is gunned down in his own home just days before Christmas. As investigators in Spokane, Washington dig into the victim's business life in search of a motive, they uncover a host of shady deals and a few desperate men.


Episode 5 - Who Killed Anna?

A 42-year-old Russian woman living the American dream in Texas is savagely gunned down in her garage. As investigators work the case, the list of suspects includes her controlling ex-husband, her boyfriend, an obsessive admirer, and a generous mentor.


Episode 6 - Undoing Behavior

A 36-year-old woman lies strangled to death in her own home. Clues at the scene indicate she knew her killer well enough to let them in and that the resulting murder was spontaneous. Now, police race to discover who could want this mother dead and why.


Episode 7 - The Unusual Suspect

A popular Wisconsin funeral director and his intern are murdered in cold blood. The case stalls for two years before a criminal profiler takes a fresh look and sees only one viable suspect -- someone the police never considered.


Episode 8 - She Called 911

When a 42-year-old woman is strangled to death and posed in an unusual way in her bedroom, detectives are on the hunt for someone who would have wanted to humiliate her after murdering her. A hidden 911 call turns the case on its head.


Episode 9 - The Sable-Eyed Beauty

When a body found dumped in a gritty Brooklyn neighborhood is later identified as criminal justice student Imette St. Guillen, detectives must retrace her final hours at a Manhattan bar to catch her killer.


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