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A Time to Kill Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - A Bomb in Broad Daylight

A car explosion outside a Tucson country club leaves a business tycoon dead. Detectives determine the killer detonated the homemade bomb at close range, and the list of suspects soon includes mobsters, defrauded investors, and the victim's ex-wife.


Episode 2 - You Don't See Me, I Don't See You

When a charming 33-year-old is gunned down outside his home, detectives must comb over every detail of his personal life, professional dealings, and extracurricular activities to figure out who could commit such a brutal crime, and why.


Episode 3 - Three's Company, Four's a Crowd

A concerned husband fails to get in touch with his wife after an alarm is tripped at their house, so he calls on the police to check it out. Upon arrival, they find his wife dead and try to connect the dots between an earlier burglary and a love triangle.


Episode 4 - Who Killed the Yogi?

A 45-year-old yoga instructor is found gunned down on his front porch on a hot September morning in Tucson. With evidence of a burglary, detectives wonder if the victim interrupted the crime. The case proves much more complex when a witness steps forward.


Episode 5 - The Night Creeper

A popular college student is found stabbed to death in her apartment the day after Thanksgiving. Detectives in Jacksonville Beach must piece together her last known movements to pinpoint the time of the murder, and then they must find her brutal killer.


Episode 6 - Written in Blood

The cold-blooded murder of a 39-year-old woman sends detectives in Oldsmar, Florida, on the hunt for a killer, and their only clues are three letters written in blood and a pizza delivery.


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