NOVA Season 48 Episodes

Find out where to watch Season 48 of NOVA tonight

Season 48 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Secrets in our DNA

S48 Ep1 | 53m 26s


Episode 2 - Looking for Life on Mars

S48 Ep2 | 53m 46s


Episode 4 - Reef Rescue

S48 Ep4 | 53m 21s


Episode 5 - Fighting for Fertility

S48 Ep5 | 53m 6s


Episode 6 - Hindenburg: The New Evidence

S48 Ep6 | 53m 13s


Episode 9 - Ship That Changed the World

S48 Ep9 | 53m 12s


Episode 10 - Bat Superpowers

S48 Ep10 | 53m 23s


Episode 11 - The Cannabis Question

S48 Ep11 | 53m 36s


Episode 12 - Particles Unknown

S48 Ep12 | 53m 28s


Episode 14 - Edible Insects

S48 Ep14 | 53m 28s


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